D.U.M.B.s.: What are the Secret Bases For?

The more I write these blogs I realize that art really does imitate life. Did Steven Spielberg know about Project Serpo to write Close encounters of the 3rd kind?  I was watching an old Hogan’s Heroes episode from the 1960’s and the episode was talking about a man that helped people escape from Germany by the name of Schindler…. That was 30 years before any of us even knew who Arthur Schindler was.  Why bring up Nazi Germany? Because they operated underground bases in WWII, this seems right out of science fiction. Finally, the Transformers movies talk about underground bases….  Actually they are not the only movie but for my purposes tonight I will use that.

Are there underground military bases in the U.S.?  Yes, there are, it is not conspiracy theory, they exist.  They are calledD.U.M.B.s. Deep Underground Military Bases. From NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command), Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center to the bunkers under the White House to be used in case of emergency….Underground bases exist. Who funds them and takes care of them? Our federal tax dollars at work. They are funded at times by black budgets and run by the NSA, Homeland Security, FEMA, the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Marines,just to name a few agencies.

It seems the government has been preparing very quietly for a long time, waiting for something major. There are doors over 3 feet thick that guard entrances, and they have their own transportation system…the base under Fort Huachuca in Arizona has tunnels that reach Area 51, in Nevada. The transports are able to reach speeds in excess of Mach 1.  They are stocked with massive amount of food and supplies. They even have ways to grow food underground, they are growing rice.

The United States and other world powers, prefer to keep their biggest secrets below ground, far from the view of passing satellites and the prying eyes of the general public. These locations (some hidden and others not), are spread across the country. Some sources have stated that both the CIA and NSA have relocated their most classified operations to DUMBs. (1)

Philip Schneider claimed to be an ex-government structural engineer who was involved in building underground military bases (DUMB) around the country. (2) He was well known on the lecture circuit as he gave talks about government cover ups, black budgets and UFOs. In 1979 he actually worked for a company (Morrison-Knudsen) that worked on the Dulce Base, A DUMB Base in New Mexico.  His whistleblowing ended up with Philip’s body being found January 1996, 5-7 days after he died in his apartment making cause of death difficult to determine.

In almost every state in the Union there are underground facilities. I have taken Arizona’s to use as an example as it is my home state:

Fort Huachuca, Arizona

Functions: NSA Facility
Levels: Unknown
Tunnels to: Unknown
Notes: Aliens (believed to be Sirens), Grays, U.S. Military, Light beings. Larger facility than at Paradox, Nevada. “THE communications command central for the entire US Army (and rumored to be for the entire US forces) No phone call, two-way radio transmission, satellite transmission, fax, etc., within the Army goes undocumented and un “cleared” by this facility. It is VERY high on the “first to be hit in a nuclear war” list, (as supposedly most communications with the Army are actually routed though there) thus all the missile silos that were (not really) deactivated around Tucson, some 75 miles to the NW”. “As for any underground activity, I have no idea, but I do know this, they also do “radar testing” there. They put “planes” on a tower and fire a radar at them to “get a reading” (?) from a HUGE (I’d say 10 story) microwave radar dish. (it was visible from the highway several miles away). The whole facility sat out in the middle of a several hundred (or possibly thousands) acre field, oddly devoid of most all naturally occurring ground cover, bushes and trees for the area except for wild grass, and even that was very seldom green.”
Source: http://www.anomalies-unlimited.com/Bases.html Had and possibly still does have a large underground and tunnel system that is occupied by a Top Secret communications and cryptography unit.  NSA either commands or has peripheral use of the facility.  The Arizona military site is also one of the many designated detainment (concentration) camps authorized by our government, under the homeland security act, if martial law is necessarily declared. (3)



Creeped out yet, I am.  Well it surprised me as I searched for information, I actually found video of one. So what is the Federal Government expecting? What are their plans for their citizens?  What is Jade Helm? Stay tuned for more information……

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