Dr. Mary Sherman and Lee Harvey Oswald

I doubt most of you have heard about Dr. Mary Sherman, she played a role in Lee Harvey Oswald’s life, and died tragically under mysterious circumstances.  The same Lee Harvey Oswald accused of killing President John F. Kennedy.  It was the 1960’s and Dr. Sherman was an anomaly by the day’s standards.  She was beautiful, well-educated and accomplished. She was a proficient orthopedic Surgeon, a cancer researcher at the Ochsner Clinic, and she taught at Tulane Medical School in Louisiana.

Mary Sherman

She also worked with Lee Harvey Oswald. The world knows Oswald as the maladjusted, man who murdered President Kennedy on November 22, 1963. He has been painted as an uneducated, unsophisticated, malcontent who left his country to live in the USSR, only to return to the US later.  His work with Sherman suggests a different Oswald.

Dr. Mary Sherman was experimenting with mutating viruses in monkeys at a secret laboratory. She was trying to find a vaccine to cure cancer, at least that was the stated intent. There was another…. She had become involved with a secret plot to kill Fidel Castro, she was developing a biological weapon.  She was involved in a horribly complex, real world set of circumstances. The work involved a high-voltage linear particle accelerator installed clandestinely on the grounds of the old U.S. Public Health Hospital Uptown. The device was used to mutate viruses, which were then injected into mice in David Ferrie’s basement. (1)

In case you don’t recognize the name David Ferrie, he was part of the contingency at New Orleans accused of participating in the plot to assassinate President Kennedy. Oliver Stone’s movie JFK, identified the connection of Lee Harvey Oswald, to David Ferrie, Clay Shaw, Guy Banister and Jack Ruby during the period before the murder of Kennedy and after the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. At one point in the movie, Ferrie called the murder a ‘Coupe d’état.”

Oswald was an intelligence operative during this period, and worked directly with Dr. Sherman in trying to perfect a way to take out Fidel Castro.  They were going to weaken his immune system, introduce cancer, weaken and destroy him with vast amounts of radiation. This was told by a former mistress of Lee Harvey Oswald, Judy Vary Baker. Oswald was to take the cancerous virus to Mexico and it would be sent to Cuba from there. A Cuban doctor was to use it on Castro. (2)(4)

July 21, 1964 Dr. Sherman’s grossly burned body was discovered in her apartment. Her one arm was burned to a crisp, along with her right side, to the point her bones had turned to cinders and her organs were exposed.  She also had been stabbed through the heart. They could never find what could have burned her so badly as there was minimal fire damage in her apartment.  There were planted rumors about a lesbian lover affair gone bad, or a bold burglary gone wrong. None of them ever proven.

Ed Haslam author of Dr. Mary’s Monkey believes that there was an accident in the secret laboratory with the particle accelerator. The doctor was severely burned.  Haslam is quoted saying, “The massive electrical current and intense heat literally blew her arm off.” The people around her were unable to revive her, and to keep the project secret they stabbed her in the heart to put her out of her misery, took her body to the apartment and staged a murder scene. (3) Haslam also believes the particle accelerator could have been sabotaged. There were experiments done in Mary’s apartment and by this time there was test tubes and reports all over on the experiments they had been doing. The Warren Commission was investigating that day also, so getting out all the information out of the apartment protected their projects.

In August 1964, investigators systematically dismantled Sherman’s apartment. They took note of the black-and-white dotted dress she had laid out before her murder, and pulled aside objects they wanted to put into evidence. But not before a thorough walkthrough by the executor of Sherman’s estate, described in the report as attorney John L. Glover, who worked for the New Orleans’ firm Monroe & Lemann. Partner Stephen B. Lemann has been alleged by JFK theorists to have been chief over all New Orleans-based CIA operatives. (5)

There are more blogs coming on the Louisiana connection to the assassination of Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald and the cancer research at time. The research bled over in to the general population when the Polio vaccinations in the late 50’s early 60’s had the cancer causing agents in them. For the death of Dr. Mary Sherman, there were two suspects. A neighbor named Juan Valdez who alerted police to her apartment, who was in constant struggle with his neighbors, to the point of a restraining order against him. A fellow employee name Stanley Stumpf who years later, continued to talk about her irrationally, and made a girlfriend so nervous she filed a restraining order. The FBI ordered the agents not to investigate the murder, so it was never solved.


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