Judyth Vary Baker and Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald called himself a Patsy as he was being arrested for the murder of President John F. Kennedy Jr. Bits of information over the years have come to the surface that substantiate that claim. The Warren Commission seemed to hang the murder on him wrap it up neatly. So the country could march forward confident in the nation and her leaders.

I keep learning more and more about him because this topic is popular and there are so many theories and information is being revealed from sources inside and outside the government. The connections between Texas, Louisiana and Washington, DC reveal several issues going on at that time.

First the United States’ fear of the spread of Communism was at a mock 10 in the early 1960’s. The Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, confrontation between the US and the USSR concerning the ballistic missile deployment almost turned into WWIII. There were plots and subplots regarding getting rid of Castro. Because of how President Kennedy saw himself as the president, not a puppet, there were plots on how to handle him.

During this period Lee Harvey Oswald was working for a coffee distribution company, the Wm B. Reily Co. as a cover for intelligence work. It is also where he got involved with Judith Vary Baker.

He actually met Judyth Vary Baker as she came into New Orleans to work with Dr. Mary Sherman at the Ochsner Clinic.  It was a summer job after her sophomore year in college, with a promise for a scholarship to Tulane Medical School.  Judyth believed she was helping to find a cure for cancer. She soon discovered she was helping to create a super-cancer virus for the purpose of killing Fidel Castro.  She was also introduced to more nefarious characters at this time like Guy Banister, mafia boss Carlos Marcello, and Jack Ruby. She became personal friends with David Ferrie.

Judyth worked with Lee at Wm B. Reily, Co. as a cover for her work with Dr. Sherman. Judyth stated, “Lee became a successful double agent working secretly against Castro for the CIA, with ties to the FBI even while posing as pro-Castro. He had successfully worked as a spy for the US Inside the USSR and was assigned to prepare himself as a spy inside Cuba. He had many jobs for both the CIA and FBI inside the US also. I had at times posed as his wife in New Orleans, and for some time had also served to help cover his activities while he and I worked at a small coffee company in New Orleans.” (1)

In her high school years, she had induced lung cancer in mice in record time in the science lab. Judyth utilized this skill with Dr. Sherman, in figuring out if she broke down Castro’s immune system, introduced the cancerous agent, and then had used massive radiation as a treatment it would kill the leader and it would seem like he died of natural causes. It was during this period Oswald took Judyth under his wings and they developed a liking to each other that developed into a love affair, although they were both married. (2) After Dr. Mary Sherman was murdered, the experiments stopped immediately and the plot abandoned.

After the murder of John F. Kennedy, Dr. Sherman was murdered, Guy Banister died in 1964 and David Ferrie committed suicide according to sources and Judyth was warned to become the “vanilla Girl”. So her life in science was over. She raised a family and did not speak out for 38 years after Kennedy’s assassination. She has evidence of what she speaks of, but speaking out took a toll on her life. She lives in Europe now, she has gone through health issues, lost teaching jobs, and is separated from her family to protect them. Her book “Me and Lee” about her life and relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald has garnered acclaim.

She professes that Lee Harvey Oswald is innocent of the murder of president Kennedy. That he is a man who is well read, intelligent with a sense of humor. Not the maladjusted traitor/murder he is portrayed as in the media.  Many people believe her, and each year more and more information comes out about the Kennedy assassination, that seems to support her claim. It seems there were plots and sub plots in the government. Kennedy though beloved by the country was feared and disliked by the industrial military complex.  Kennedy believed he was president and would not behave like a puppet. Judyth’s story is another in the complex tale of the assassination of a US President that continues to unfold before a questioning nation.

Lee Harvey Oswald

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