The Human Hybrid Species and Raechel’s Eyes

Do alien hybrids exist on earth? If so why are they here?  Humanization is the process by which aliens are integrated into our world on earth. Hybridization is the process in which they are bred with humans to live on earth. Linda Moulton Howe believes the aliens have always been here, that they originally seeded this planet by a theory called, Panspermia. It is a hypothesis that says life exists all throughout the universe, on asteroids, comets, meteoroids and alien beings. It is spread by their travel in space.

Many who believe in panspermia say the bible is literal. When they discuss beings descending from the heavens, that is exactly what happened.  They descended from the heavens…. Puts a whole other spin on your bible worship doesn’t it? Panspermia is not a new theory. It is as old as the Greek philosopher Anaxagoras (500bce-428bce), and literally means “seeds everywhere”. The theory ‘seeds of life’ traveled down through time until Nobel prize winner Frances Crick (1973) along with British Chemist Leslie Orgel began to work with the theory and legitimized it, calling it directed panspermia.  They discovered that on this planet all DNA was a particular type, a double helix. Meaning it appears that earth was seeded intentionally with one type of DNA. Giving credence to the possibility of a ‘God’ intervention. I certainly believe that myself.

Ok so now we know how, why do they want to  come to earth?  According to an article on called The Hybrid Species Children, “For years’ researchers have posited that the aliens are a dying race and must pass on their genes to hybrids to maintain their “life.” This theory assumes that the aliens either cannot reproduce or cannot reproduce in enough numbers to sustain their species’ viability. Although dismissed as science fiction by many UFO researchers, the evidence suggests that there may be merit to this theory.” (1)  It is believed that struggling worlds came here and seeded the planet before theirs was destroyed.

Another explanation that many abductees have been told is the earth is going to go through drastic but necessary changes. It will be better in the future, and the alien-human hybrid is partially why it will be better.  Hybrids are facilitating that changes or at least preparing our world for some catastrophic event or series of events. Some aliens are telling of an almost salvation type experience, that what they doing will save us. As I read more, this seemed to be almost propaganda type training. Not only that, it seemed it was directional, someone was deliberately moving our species in a particular direction.

It seems when women are abducted and impregnated, they are shown visions like a film of what it will be like after the change. Many of these scenes almost appear biblical to me in that there will be happiness and love; humans, aliens and hybrids all living in harmony. I remember a picture from my youth from a Watch Tower magazine where humans were sitting under a tree with sheep, and lions all peaceful beside them. The message was after the second coming everything will be like paradise.  There will be no conflict.

One example of this is the Allison Reed story. She was abducted by aliens and a baby was removed from her.  She was shown this presentation afterward. It was beautiful, peaceful everyone was in a park, families together.  She said you could not tell the aliens or hybrids from the humans. She goes on to relate they all look the same in color and then one man turns around. He is in black and white, though his family is in color. She says you won’t know it though. Unless you can read energy and see his field you would not know he is different.

Another more eerie one was from Reshma Kamal.  She was communicating with a late stage hybrid; how long does it takes to get to late stage? I am not sure.  This hybrid was more direct in saying, that the memories we have of our families, will not be retained in future lives. What are [the aliens] doing?” Reshma asks the hybrid, and he’s saying all they’re interested in, that no matter what happens at all, is that they control. (2)

Does our government know? I believe they do.  I have written articles before that denote an arrangement with the aliens after Roswell in 1947. One theory being perhaps the president realized he really could do little and so for technology advancement our government made an agreement with the aliens.

Researchers contend that the MJ-12 committee eventually brokered a sit-down between space aliens and President Dwight D. Eisenhower. At that point they hammered out an agreement to allow aliens to study human biology via abductions and cattle mutilations. What we got was advanced technology. The technology changed the 20th century dramatically. There was also a rumor that one of the reasons JFK was assassinated (among many reasons) is that he was going to reveal the arrangement with the aliens. (3)

Even further there is a case about an alien called Raechel that was raised on the corner of Area 51. Her story is shared in a book called Raechel’s Eyes. It seemed Raechel’s craft crashed and she was rescued. She had travelled from the planet Zeta Reticuli and now was trying to ‘fit in’ on earth. She had a handler that played her father in public named Colonel Harry Nadien, who told the office at American River College in Sacramento, he just got assigned to Masters Air Force Base. Some of the details in the book were altered for the sake of people’s anonymity. The more research done by Linda Moulton Howe, it was determined that it happened at American River College. There was even proof in writing from the dean that a woman by that name attended the college in 1972.

Raechel found a perfect roommate in the legally blind Marisa. Marisa’s mother Helen wrote the book to share the experience.  The roommate was an enigma with scarves and wraparound sunglasses. Until one day the frail girl slipped and Helen reached out in order to steady her. She discovered Raechel’s arm was thin and felt as if there were no bones in it. Also the girl’s glasses fell down and she saw these gigantic green eyes with a thin vertical slit down the center, like a reptile.  When Raechel disappeared without warning she left a gift for her roommate, the gift of sight. It wasn’t perfect vision but much better than she had. Helen said after a time she was told that Raechel’s handlers eliminated her. (4)

The story of Raechel’s Eye’s parallels information obtained from other insiders from Area 51, Bob Lazar, Army Command Sergeant Major Robert Dean and NCS’s Dr. Michael Wolf. That aliens and hybrids are being raised and taught at bases on the planet. What their agenda is, well it is still speculation. Every week or so I read some article saying this is the year the government will reveal the aliens are here. Yet it has not happened as today and I am betting it won’t tomorrow.


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