Jim Templeton and the Solway Firth Spaceman……

Another early UFO encounter that doesn’t get much exposure now is from Great Britain. May 23, 1964, Jim Templeton, a Carlisle fireman was with his family (wife Anne and small daughter Elizabeth) on Burgh Marsh.  Burgh Marsh overlooks Solway Firth an inlet near Cumbria, England. It was a breezy, sunny day, so he sat down Elizabeth and took 3 pictures of her.  He was an amateur photographer and with his Kodak SLR took the photos in rapid succession.  The marsh was pretty quiet that day. The only other people were a couple of older women that were a distance from the Templeton family.

Later when he got back the developed the photos from the chemist, Jim Templeton was surprised. In fact, the chemist said, “too bad about the figure spoiling one of the photos.”  In the 2nd picture there was a person in a white suit, like a space suit standing behind Elizabeth. There was no other people around her when the photo was taken. He took the photo to the Cumberland police dept. who examined the photo and said they saw nothing suspicious. The news story went worldwide, Jim Templeton swearing it was not a fake.


One thing Templeton noticed that day is that normally the sheep and cows are spread around the field randomly. That day they were all crowded around together in a group. The police experts definitively said the negative was not tampered with, though one officer said it looked like a woman in a white dress with a white collar. If you look at the photo the head does not look like a woman’s head. Kodak offered free film for a year to anyone who could debunk the film. To this date, no one has ever claimed the prize.

Templeton stated after the photograph was published he was visited by two men who said they were from the government, sound familiar?  They refused to show their identification and said that “They said they worked for the government and that they were only identified by number.” (1) He took the men to the site where he shot the pictures. They looked around the area, they seemed irritated and left him there to get home on his own. He considered the men to be ‘pulling his leg’, not actual security agents. (2)

An interesting note following the incident.  Jim Templeton said that a Blue Streak Missile launch was aborted at the Woomera Test Range in So. Australia because there were two men standing on the launch pad. He reported that technicians later saw his photograph in an Australian paper and found the men on the launch pad were exactly the same as the spaceman in white in his photograph.

A year or so later Jim went back to the marsh to take more photos and when he picked them up from the same chemist, they attached a note to them saying they could not be processed. This happen again, and it seemed the only way to get his pictures processed was to put them under his neighbor’s name. Templeton never tried to make any money from the photo or the story. To this day it has never been proven a fake, nor has any other real explanation been substantiated.


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