UFOs: The Russian Roswell

It has been long said by Ufologists that UFO’s watch military bases. Not just USA, but in many countries, especially ones with nuclear weapons on them.  During World War II, there was a military district in the Siberia, USSR called Primorsky Krai District. Vladivolstok is a port in Primorsky Krai with a military installation that housed the Russian Fleet which included nuclear submarines.  So sightings were and still are frequent in that area.

Another city just around the corner is Dalnegorsk. The world’s largest chemical factory is there due to the plentiful deposits of commercial minerals. It is also famous for being the Russian Roswell.  January 29, 1986 a UFO streaked across the sky and crashed into a mountain named Height 611, also known as Mount Izvestkovava.

About 8:00 p.m. that night residents noticed a red ball streak across the sky. There were no sounds attached to the flying object and it was about 2000 ft. above the ground about 35 mph. The witnesses also said there was no sound when it hit the ground. They did see a fire that was said to have burned for one hour.  A few days later, Professor Valeri Dvuhilin took a group to up the hill to where the object crashed. The ground in and around the area was burned. Areas were covered with a silvery metal that turned out to be lead. There were also these glassy beads and mesh fragments. The radiation was normal. After taking photos, the pictures came out blank. (1)

Russian newspaper, Pravda stated the fragments contained elements of the periodic table. The alloy was strong, but a diamond cutter could cut it. Something weird happened to the alloy when it was melted in a vacuum. One element became substituted for another.  What were particles of gold, silver and nickel became titan and molybdenum. Even weirder they discovered the tiniest gauze like net so small there was not the technology to create it at that time. There were quartz filaments with gold strands inside thinner than a strand of hair. One piece of the evidence actually disappeared. (2)

The group of scientists that went up to the site have been monitored for physical abnormalities. Blood work was drawn and according to Dr. Tatyana Abonaskevich the red blood cells and the differential content of the blood had been altered by their visit to Height 611. The number of minerals in their blood rose also.

After the fall of the USSR, others travelled to the mining community to examine the debris. One of the visitors was one of my favorite part time hosts on Coast to Coast, George Knapp. Knapp told Huffington Post that samples were analyzed by several Russian Scientific Institutes. Also hundreds of people saw another UFO craft fly around the area, like it was searching for the crash site. Being careful to not be misquoted he stated none of the Russian scientists said it was out-of-this- world, only that it very unusual but also revealed many samples went to academies that were never returned. (3)

Similar flying objects were seen in 1987, hovering over different cities in Primorsky Krai, one hovering over the Height 611 area. The Russian government has continued to examine the debris found at the site in Dalnegorsk. It is considered one of the most important finds in Russia history.


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