Alien Technology, Area 51 and Project Oxcart

So just what did we obtain from alien technology in the Roswell crash?  What technology was pried from the hands of dead aliens? The debris discovered after the UFO crash in Roswell was taken to a secret base to examine. A secret base that was denied by the U.S. government until 1995, Area 51. It was there reverse engineering and experimentation with the ships, the fabric and even the aliens themselves helped us advance technologically. Here are some of the tech advances:

  • Project Aquatone- Lockheed U-2 or ‘Dragon Lady’ was developed for the CIA by Lockheed Skunkworks it was a reconnaissance aircraft that flew deep cover in the USSR during the cold war. One was captured during Operation GRAND SLAM by the Soviets who studied the craft and built their version the Beriev-13 (1)(2)
  • Project Oxcart-the Lockheed A-12 another reconnaissance aircraft developed for the CIA. 1962 Louis Schalk a Lockheed employee took off from Groom Lake (area 51). The A-12 became known as the Oxcart. Oxcart was a stealth weapon that could fly 3000 miles without refueling and 90,000 high in the sky. Stealth technology in regard to aircraft is a military tactic to make planes less visible or even invisible to radar systems. (2)(3)
  • Dreamland Technology or Area 51-The CIA on its own website has this to say about the Area 51 humble beginnings:

The desert of western Nevada was already well known for its nuclear tests by the Atomic Energy Commission at Yucca Flats. Adjoining this AEC test site was an inactive aerial gunnery range.  In 1955 sixty square miles of the area was set aside by presidential order. There was a narrow corridor to reach the site and all air charts were ordered closed to all personnel and aircraft except on orders from Chief of Staff, US Air Force.

The name of the area was Watertown, and the fact it was so isolated was crucial. The specialist that came off this transport were hand-picked and were scrutinized each time they arrived.  It had the highest security in the nation up to that point, even higher than Los Alamos and the Manhattan Project. (4)

The area was set up by 1965. By the later 1960’s they were also involved in testing foreign aircraft. Considering we were still in the cold war with the Soviets and they were one of the country’s that brought their aircraft here, it is easy to wonder why? Why would we bring our enemy’s aircraft to area 51 when we were still spying on them as if we were at war?  Did they bring their aircrafts to participate with the aliens, and alien technologies? Bob Lazar who has stated he worked at area 51 as a contractor working on reverse engineering and being informed the aliens worked with them at Area 51.  Many have tried to refute his claims but there is evidence in a newspaper photo, his name in the phone book and another engineer that came forward validate his claims. As he also worked at Los Alamos, NM.  Lazar has been quoted as seeing extraterrestrial crafts. He worked on reverse engineering which came from studying alien space ships. (5)

  • Night Vision Technology-This comes right out of a science Fiction novel in the 1940’s. When the Roswell crash happened the bodies of the deceased autopsy were performed. It was discovered that there were these specific lenses over the alien’s eyes that when examined revealed they could see at night. Also the alien craft’s windows used ambient light that allowed them to see in the dark. Though it came out in 1963 it was a second generation.
  • Laser technology-the same laser that whitens teeth, corrects vision, removes tattoos.
  • The remote control– Zenith developed it with the help of government contracts. It first worked like a flashlight and later switched to infrared technology
  • Fiber Optics-Fiber optics were around for a long time, but their development is recent. Philip Corso told of finding fiber optics in the Roswell craft that was wrapped in material which allowed the light to actually turn corners. It was not until this knowledge became available that fiber optics became a usable product. (7)
  • The Microchip, the integrated Circuit, Kevlar (used in Bullet proof vests), transistors, even Titanium’s greatest uses in the military (as in Lockheed’s A-12) came as a result of alien technology.

So as you can see it would be a very different world almost 70 years later if not for the aid of extraterrestrials and the crash at Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947. Bob Lazar said they have been interacting with us for 10,000 years on the planet. It gives new vision to the Holy Bibles old testament stories, perhaps when it stated “he descended from the heavens”, he really did.


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