Why Don’t We Go Back To The Moon?

Many have wondered why we don’t go back to the moon…..It is rumored the moon is crawling with Aliens. Dr. Eric Norton worked for NASA and NSA as an external consultant for 12 years. It was his job to identify threats coming in from space like asteroids and comets. January 22, 2012 he was at MacDonald Observatory near Ft. Davis in Texas when he spotted them. Them turned out to be a fleet of spaceships flying toward earth in formation.

Over a period of three months he observed them, Norton was able to clock them as “passing millions of kilometers in a couple of months”. (1) Using a spectroscope the determined the hardness of the materials used in the construction of the ships was unlike anything found on earth. Within a year as they rapidly approached the earth, they simply vanished. Norton believed they used some sort of cloaking device.

Sounds unbelievable right?  Milton Cooper, a Naval Intelligence Officer reported not only does an alien moon base exist, but the U.S. Naval Intelligence community refers to it as “Luna”. There are mining operations on the moon. It is also said that aliens keep their large mother ships there while they travel to earth in smaller flying saucers.

There is a conversation between the moon and NASA command where he reports aliens are watching him and Buzz Aldrin after landing on the moon. There is circulating on You Tube a one-minute tape of dialog between Armstrong and Houston Control Center where they tell him to change channels before he speaks of what he sees.

Here is a transcript of that conversation:

Astronaut 1: But what is that?

Astronaut 2: Do you have an explanation?

Houston: Do not worry, stick to the program

Astronaut 1: My God, it is amazing, that’s great, do not you could ever imagine!

Houston: We know this, go to the other side!

Astronaut 1: What the hell is that?  It’s amazing…God…but what is it? So you tell me…

Houston: Change frequency, use Tango, Tango!

Astronaut 1: Then it is a form of life, that one!

Houston: Change frequency!

Houston: Switch on Bravo Tango, Tango Bravo!

At this point the connection is broken….(via alien-ufo-sightings.com)

In 2009 there was a mission to the moon called the LCROSS Mission. NASA claimed it was to determine whether or not there was water in the Cabeus Crater at the moon’s So. Pole.  It would do that by crashing into the crater, thus sending debris, water vapor and ice above the surface of the moon. (3) In 2012 a photo surfaced showing the NASA scientists looking at a photo that claimed to show an artificial structure on the moon. Many believed the mission was actually a mission to destroy an alien base on the moon by dropping a nuclear bomb on it. The reason they wanted to destroy it? The Russians and the Chinese saw it, and rather than let it fall in the enemies hands they were going destroy it. Looks the it is still there and was able to protect itself from the Nuke! (4)

There are photos of alien moon bases from as far back as 1966, when Luna 13 (unmanned Soviet spacecraft) took photos of the moon after a soft landing. Below is an excerpt from an interview with astronaut Neil Armstrong;

Professor: What really happened out of Apollo 11?

Armstrong: An amazing thing. Even though we have always known of this possibility. The fact is that they (aliens) have ordered us to turn away!

Professor: What do you mean “warned us to move away?”

Armstrong: I cannot go into the details. There are structures on the moon, and not ours. I can only say that their ships were far superior to ours both in size and technology.

Finally, there is the Luna Base.  It is a newly discovered ancient alien base on the far side of the moon. It was filmed by Apollo astronauts and a number of probes on fly by missions.  It was used for mining operations, and supposedly was vacated around 3-5,000 years ago. (5) As I have posted in previous blogs there are several astronauts who have spoken out about seeing UFO’s during flights. This another layer where not only have the astronauts like Aldrin and Armstrong seen UFO’s, but actually aliens, and evidence of their existence on our moon.

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