2009: The Mothman of Point Pleasant

Point Pleasant, West Virginia is a small town that is the home of the famous Mothman sightings. Many say The Mothman predicted the failure of the Silver Bridge and the death of 46 people on December 24, 1967. The Silver bridge crosses the Ohio river and connects Point Pleasant, West Virginia to Gallipolis, Ohio.

From November 1966 until the bridge collapsed, people around the area of West Virginia started seeing a being that resembled a giant moth. The first documented alleged Mothman sighting occurred in 1966 when two gravediggers working near Clendine, WV, reported a large, winger humanoid that flew from a nearby tree and glided over their heads. But it would be three days later, on November 15th, that this beasty would begin to make a name for itself. (1)

According the Gettysburg Times, a Mr. and Mrs. Roger Scarberry & Mr. and Mrs. Steve Mallet said they spotted a large white apparition flying at a high rate of speed following their car. They told the sheriff it was a 10ft man with wings. The next few days 8 more people reported the creature and added it had red eyes. (2)

The sightings of the creature continued until the collapse of the bridge. So, did the Mothman come to warn the people of Point Pleasant?  Some say yes, others say it was a demonic creature that left devastation and destruction in its wake. The sightings stopped after the collapse of the bridge. That is why the people believed the Mothman came to warn them.

The area of West Virginia is an interesting area rich in history. Many citizens think the Mothman never left. That the old World War II bunkers in the PP Nature Preserve are homes to demons, angels, ghosts of war and even the Mothman.  Fast forward to 2009.

Jeff and Krystle Drenning were doing a day trip and drove up to Point Pleasant.  They discovered this little shop called the Point. It was full of curios and knickknacks.  The proprietor told them about the legend of the Mothman. He also suggested they go to the Preserve and visit the old war bunkers, even suggesting recording inside could yield some exciting results.  The couple thanked him and decided to make the trip.

As they found one of the old bunkers half hidden with overgrowth and large steel doors both thought the area was a little eerie.  They both said they were waiting for something to jump out at them. Inside there was limited lighting from tiny barred windows, so it cast a dark and spooky atmosphere from the start. Jeff decided he would record it so he began to ask questions to whomever was in the bunker. Krystle on the other hand become more and more creeped out and wanted to leave.

Their home was about 4 hours away, and as they arrived they felt a little relieved. They were at last safe and sound again. Jeff played back the tape, both were shocked that there was a response to a question. A low gravelly voice answered with “I’m here”. That is when the trouble began. Krystle’s phone kept ringing with a “blocked caller” number, and each time she picked it up, there was either nothing or garbled voices that were inaudible. She went to grab a door knob and it was so hot it burned her. Jeff thought it was a fire, but when the door was opened, it was perfectly normal except on one wall there were these abnormally large hand prints. The prints were made with a sooty, ashy substance. Immediately they knew they were not alone, the entity had come home with them.

For the next while they lived with paranormal activity, bending silverware, shrieking sounds when they opened their door to come in. The live in a rural area and as Jeff drove home late from work one night, his car just stops in the road. For about 10 minutes his car won’t drive. Just long enough for him to see this entity moving so fast he couldn’t identify it, he just knew it wasn’t human. He had no cell service……Electricity in their home also went on and off. Jeff had enough and wanted to confront it.

They make the trip back to PP Nature Preserve and the bunker. Jeff confronted it. He told whatever it was, that it is finished, to leave them alone. He is thrown about 6 feet across the bunker. When they got home their house, the calls to Krystle start again.  It was beginning all over again, but worse.

On his trip home the next night a giant man with wings is looming just out of full view in front of Jeff, dead center in the middle of the road. It runs toward Jeff and leaps on the hood of the car. He said it truly looked like a Mothman. It shrieked and flew off.

Wine glasses flew out of the cupboard and crashed on the floor.  Bent silverware was strewn throughout the house like a trail of bread crumbs. Jeff had seen someone in the bedroom that vanished. Finally, they had enough. They packed up all their gear and moved home. As they left their first house together, they stopped and told the entity it was over, and he was not to come with them. To which he replied by throwing a bend spoon across the floor.


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  2. Associated Press (Dec 1, 1966).“Monster Bird With Red Eyes May Be Crane”Gettysburg Times. Retrieved 21 August 2011.



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