The Kennedy Assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald

  This month is the 53rd anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It is a murder that still haunts the nation in its brutality. Many believe our nation lost its innocence that day and began a journey from the hopeful nation to the difficult society we face now.  The mainstream news version of events was filled with inconsistencies.  The Warren Report left out key information and doesn’t go far enough in explaining what happened in Dallas. It was pinned on Lee Harvey Oswald, officials found information to support that finding, wrote up the report and moved on.

Many people have dedicated their lives to learning the truth. There is much fragmented information about who had a reason to want Kennedy dead, including the mob, the CIA, The FBI and even other politicians (including Lyndon B. Johnson and maybe GW Bush). Those are a lot of powerful enemies. It was said that Kennedy took his job seriously, and tried to reform institutions that have been allowed to run illegally alongside the government like parasites feeding from its host. It is said those very issues are what caused Kennedy’s death. He tried to be the president and govern the country per his standards and promises to the public.

Despite the Freedom of the Information Act, David Talbot (who founded the Salon online magazine) who has dedicated his time to the Kennedy assassination, reveals the CIA is still holding on to over 1100 key documents. He also goes on to state the CIA has repeatedly defied the law-the JFK Records Act passed in the 1990’s. This enabled the agency to keep the files from becoming public knowledge. (1)(2) I will do a more in-depth blog about Talbot, because he is not only a Kennedy assassination researcher, but believes he has proof that we have constantly been working with extraterrestrials as humanity has made its way through the ages. A view I concur with.

One of the most intriguing pieces of this case for me is, who was Lee Harvey Oswald and how did he become involved in the murder of the president? Mainstream media paint him as a troubled man who defected to the USSR, married a Soviet bride and then wanted to come home. They also determined Oswald was perhaps treasonous by defecting to the USSR, uneducated, a mediocre shot with a gun, but that he plotted (with or without help) the assassination of the United States President. Other sources paint Oswald as an intelligence operative for the CIA, with strong marksmanship ability, who was set up to take the fall.

One of his last conversations was with interrogator Police Captain Will Fritz in which Oswald stated, “My name is Lee Harvey Oswald. I work at the Texas School Book Depository Building. I lived in Minsk and Moscow. I worked in a factory and liked everything over there except the weather. I have a wife and children. My residence is 1026 North Beckley, Dallas, TX.

During this interview, he recognized the FBI agent James Hosty, and said, “You have been at my home 2 or 3 times, talking to my wife. I don’t appreciate your coming out there when I was not home.  He went on to say, “I was never in Mexico City. I have been in Tijuana. Please take the handcuffs from behind me, behind my back. I observed a rifle in the School Book Depository where I work on Nov. 20, 1963.  Mr. Roy Truly, my supervisor, displayed the rifle to individuals in his office on the first floor. I never owned a rifle myself. I resided in the Soviet Union for 3 years, where I have many friends and relatives of my wife.”

      Mr. Oswald continued in the final interview,” I was secretary of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee in New Orleans a few months ago.  When I was in the Marines I received an award for marksmanship as a member of the US Marine Corps.  While living on Beckley Street I used the name O. H. Lee.

I was present in the Texas School Book Depository Building, I have been employed there since Oct. 15, 1963.  As a laborer, I have access to the entire building. My usual place to work is on the first floor. However, I frequently use the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh floors to get books.  I was on all floors this morning.

Because of all the confusion, I figured there would be no work performed that afternoon, so I decided to go home.  I changed my clothing and went to a movie.  I carried a pistol with me to the movie because I felt like it, for no other reason. I fought the Dallas Police who arrested me in the movie theater where I received a cut and bump.  I didn’t shoot President John F. Kennedy or officer J.D. Tippit. An officer struck me, causing the marks on my left eye, after I had struck him. I just had them in there.”

      The final remark was made when he was asked why he had bullets in his pocket. There is much more to this last interview, and remarks made to his mother and wife. (2)  Even as a 6-year-old child I remember this statement, “I am just a patsy.” Oswald made to journalist Seth Kantor at 7:55pm, November 23, 1963. He was shot dead by Jack Ruby the next day, November 24, 1963.  Ruby had ties to the mob and to New Orleans where Oswald was from. So, for the next few weeks, many of my blogs will illuminate Oswald and his path with destiny, and other musings around the assassination and those who research it.

Lee Harvey Oswald

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