The Doppelganger Theory of Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald, was he two different men or just portrayed inaccurately? The more I read about him, he does appear at least as an enigma. Misfit or CIA operative, who was Lee Harvey Oswald? There is so much revealed about the last few years of his life that show Oswald more intelligent and tied to the CIA, than show him as a misfit, wife batterer and presidential assassin.

Lee’s life started with great difficultly. Jack Kennedy was born into a family seen as American royalty for decades. Lee’s father died 2 months before his entrance into this world. He was born to a widow with 2 other sons, Robert and John Pic. When he was 3, his mother Marguerite, poor and unable to cope, gave up the two older boys and left Lee with his aunt Lillian and uncle Charles. Charles “Dutz” Murret was a bookie with close ties to crime boss Carlos Marcello. In 1947 Dutz met the man that would later end Oswald’s life, Jack Ruby, or as he was known, Jacob “Sparky” Rubenstein.

Now this doppelganger Theory of Oswald, is an extreme theory, seen as fringe. The reports of him, decorated sharpshooter, ex-marine, possible CIA agent versus, the misfit who defects to the Soviet Union, has a difficult time holding a job, average marksman with a gun, domestically abusive— well it does appear as if we are talking about two different men.

In 1952 Oswald turns up in the Bronx, New York. During this period Marilyn Murret, the daughter of Dutz said Lee was a quiet boy who kept to himself.  Dutz on the other hand told the Warren Commission he was a loud kid, always raising his voice when he wanted something from his mother. A friend, Myrtle said when he wanted dinner, he would holler, “Ma where’s my supper.” (1) Her husband did not like Lee, considered him arrogant and said no one liked him. Three girls from school remember him always getting into fights.

Lee said growing up in New Orleans he had been keenly aware of social and racial injustice. Because he read voraciously by the time he was 15 he considered himself a Marxist. Lee was quoted saying, “I was looking for a key to my environment, and then I discovered socialist literature. I had to dig for my books in the back dusty shelves of libraries.”  (2)  As a youth he wrote to the Socialist Party of America, asking for info on the Young People’s Socialist League. When Oswald joined the Marines, it was determined that he was an ideal candidate for covert operations, due to his assaulting a staff member, and his habit of negligent discharges when handling weapons. (3) This contrast between his quiet bookworm identity and the violent Lee Harvey Oswald reared its head again as he was dishonorably discharged.

Lee Harvey Oswald goes on a trip to Moscow, and defects.  The Soviets struggle with this as they think he could be a spy. This is one of the places where the mystery deepens around Oswald’s possible involvement with the CIA.  It was unlikely that this ordinary man of little means travelled to the USSR on his own abilities.  Oswald lived in the Soviet Union, but was constantly watched by the KGB.

It is here he had friends, and married Soviet Native Marina.  Later Lee will say that this was a good life. Shortly after they married, Lee, his wife and baby come back to the US. So if he was  happy, had friends and a good life, why did they come back?  Did Marina demand he take her to the US as the ultimate Russian bride? Was his Soviet mission fulfilled? Another interesting thing about this is that many foreigners that married Soviet people were not allowed to take their spouses with them. In fact, friend and author, George De Mohrenschildt asked Lee, “How did you get her out of the USSR so easily?”  To which Oswald says, “Americans are nasty, Russians are naïve and stupid, I outsmarted those Russian bureaucrats.” (4) He loved socialism, but hated bureaucracy, a staple of socialist and communistic societies. It was another testament to his duality.

He brought Marina here to the US, but did not want her to learn English. He clearly loved his wife and baby, and yet was abusive at times, which caused them to separate. History records him as a simpleton, yet Judith Vary Baker who worked with Lee at Wm B. Reilly Co, tells another tale. She admitted to having a love affair with Lee after he returned from the USSR. She also revealed he was a well read, intelligent man with a sense of humor.  She goes on to say, Lee had successfully worked as a spy for the US Inside the USSR and was assigned to prepare himself as a spy inside Cuba. He had many jobs for both the CIA and FBI inside the US also. She had at times posed as his wife in New Orleans, and for some time had also served to help cover his activities while they worked together.

It is no surprise that when all information started to filter down to the public that we were left with more questions than answers, perhaps questions that will never fully be answered. I will leave you with this, about Oswald’s involvement with Kennedy’s assassination. I found this article recently. Much is written about the assassination of Kennedy. This article had new information that I had not seen before. Richard Helms, director of the CIA it is claimed perjured himself before the Warren Commission. To begin with, the CIA did not have just one “official dossier” on Oswald but at least two. Helms was referring to the so-called 201 Counterintelligence file on Oswald. But there was at least one other official Oswald file, in the Office of Security. In addition, we know of a so-called “soft file” on Oswald maintained in the Soviet Russia division of the CIA’s Department of Plans, and there may have been more. (6)

I will leave you with another tidbit I discovered, that as of November 22, 2013, startled employees of the Central Intelligence Agency discovered that Lee Harvey Oswald had been quietly added to the memorial wall at CIA Headquarters. Oswald is widely believed to have assassinated U.S. President John F. Kennedy, or someone dressed like him, in Dallas in 1963. When asked to comment, the CIA refused to comment or elaborate on why the agency has added Oswald’s name to the memorial, only saying that after 50 years several documents had been declassified, which have “finally allowed the Agency to set the record straight.” (7)

Finally to finish the whole doppelganger theory, theorist Fred Gordon states, “We’ve long suspected that Lee Harvey Oswald was actually killed in 1959 while leading an undercover CIA mission in Cuba against the Castro government.  We believe that the individual arrested on November 22, 1963 was actually a KGB assassin trained to impersonate Oswald by the Mafia as part of a false flag operation.” (8)

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