Being Paid to Protest Donald J. Trump

I was set do a blog on UFO’s in Idaho, it is coming, but something else turned up first. I saw a post on Twitter from a man in Philadelphia. He had posted a craigslist ad for protesters for $16-$18 an hour.  So, I decided to do some investigating it.  Major cities in the U.S. have been protesting since the election. An election in which Donald J. Trump was elected president of the United States, and no one saw it coming or believed he could win. Not his party, not the media, only the constituents who were sick of business as usual in Washington. I tell you this because people are either elated, shocked or enraged….

People who voted for Hillary were shocked the most, and since then have been terrified because of the total irresponsibility of the media.  Protests have sprung each night in major cities across the U.S. since the election. The leadership in Washington is not trying to promote peace, they are dead silent, so the protesters seem to get unrulier each night.

Social media is like a boxing ring where friends unfriend others, bash each other with memes, clever and not so clever dialogue, and references trying to prove their points.  I have had about 10 people friend me in the last few days on Facebook. I have also lost a few FB friends. The mood is angry, tense and judgmental on both sides.

Back to the ads, I decided to look throughout Craigslist to see if there were indeed ads for protesters.  I picked major cities in the US, some which clearly have protesters LA, Portland, Oregon, Seattle, NYC, Chicago, and Tempe, Arizona.       Then I picked some others friendly to the Democratic party, Minneapolis, Dallas, Baltimore. Every craigslist in that city had ads for grassroots movements. Some even used the same pictures as other cities. Minneapolis even named Trump in the headline, and had a picture of him in the ad about fracking.

Using some of the same pictures the ads promote an agenda targeting the area it is run in, whether they said they were fighting for LGBTQ rights, or against fracking. One in Philadelphia called themselves Doctors Without Borders. Then as you go down the ad you see they are part of the Grassroots Movement, who is funded on their page by According to Wikipedia, has been funded by George Soros and Peter B. Lewis in the recent past.

After reading all the ads on Craigslist I have included the lists and the photos…I believe all the protests, destruction and even the shooting in Portland is because of this organization. This is a movement to stop American’s right to choose their leaders.  Frankly my faith in the process was restored in this election. With all that hate, not nearly the campaign funding, Donald J. Trump won the election. Whether he is good or not, whether you like him or not, he won by the vote of the American people. That is what it is about. I could make a joke and say, look at all the jobs he already created since the election. Too Soon? Ok.





REC_Fund HRC Sum_RY16_web-ad_equality



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