The New Roswell in Post Falls, Idaho….

Idaho is not ordinarily known for its famous UFO cases, or so I thought. A recent sighting in Post Falls is causing Idaho to move to the top of the MUFON list. They are calling this sighting the New Roswell. When I went to research my blog as I do, I found that there have been many sightings since the 1950’s in Idaho…… So, what is going on in Idaho?

November 2, 1967, 2 young Native American men Guy Tossie and Will Begay, were driving south on highway 26 outside a small community called Ririe, Idaho. It was about 9:30pm and suddenly there was a blinding flash of light in front of the car. Then a small round UFO appeared with a transparent domed top. Inside the dome were 2 small beings… The car just stopped on its own, Begay had been driving. Both young men were stunned, frozen inside their car. The UFO hovered about 5 feet off the ground.

The domed flipped open and a being exited the craft. The men said the being was about 3 and a half feet tall, wearing what looked like a back pack.  It made its way to the vehicle and opened the driver side door. The being slid into the seat pushing the men over. The UFO appeared to be towing the car into a field a few feet above the ground. As it came to a halt, Tossie being against the door opened it, jumped out and ran to a nearby farm house. It was the farm house of Willard Hammond.

The second being took the form of a ball of light followed Tossie to the house of Hammond.  Begay trapped in the car with the other being said it began to jammer to him, in what sounded like bird noises, or birds talking.  The being that followed Tossie returned and both being exited the car, and went up into the UFO. It jetted away into the night.

The report was investigated for NICAP by C.R. Ricks, of Idaho Falls. During his investigation, he learned of a man who claimed that, on the same night, he had a similar encounter. Ricks eventually tracked this man down and confirmed the report, although the witness was emphatic about not revealing his name, and was reluctant about discussing the details of his encounter. (1)

Another well-known case in Idaho was reported by a 15-year-old girl, Marilyn Wilding of Idaho Falls.  She went out on her front porch to wait for a friend to pick her up.  It was about 7:40pm, December 8, 1967.  She noticed a light reflecting on the snow, she followed it up to the sky and notice a large light from above. She had to step into her yard to see the brightly lit UFO hovering above her home. The craft was about the size of a car. It rotated so she could see it had a domed transparent top with 2 beings inside. She told the NICAP investigator it was close enough that someone could have thrown and rock at it and hit it. (2)

On December 24, 2013 between 9:15 and 9:30 reports of a sighting in Boise, Idaho started coming in. All people who reported the light said the same thing it was a bright red light. Some saw a second bright red light that moved slowly. Then both lights sped off quickly and disappeared. There were 2 videos submitted with a report to MUFON.

The Next year in October 8, 2014 in Meridian, Idaho Kaitlynn Ellis reported see an object at 2:45pm from her back yard. An amateur astronomer, John McVey reported it was too slow to be a meteor. Both the Idaho National Guard and the Army National Guard were doing exercises in the area, however they reported it had nothing to do with them. As of now it has not been identified. (1)

Also in 2014 there were sightings in Caldwell, Idaho and again in Boise. This culminates October 12, 2016 when a witness (who later calls and files a report with MUFON) hears a sonic boom and goes out to see a big circular craft rolling end over end towards earth. He said it was unlike anything he ever saw.  The falling craft disappeared behind mountains just south of Post Falls.


The witness said he called the local authorities to have them thank him and casually dismiss his information, at least to him. The large UFO fell to the ground and emitted smoke from the craft. There were no media reports of an aviation crash. Even after several witnesses reported it. According to UFO enthusiasts, the incident is reminiscent of official efforts to cover up the Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash incident that occurred in 1947. (4)


It turns out that Idaho has UFO activity on a regular basis, rarely do we hear about it.  So what about some of the other states that are considered limited in UFO sightings? I think I will do some research and let you know….

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