Where is Eric Braverman? The CEO of the Clinton Foundation……

Eric Braverman’s last tweet was October 12, 2016.  There was a rumor that he went to the Russia Consulate in NYC to seek asylum…He has not been seen or heard from since.  The Western Sentinel reported, “President Putin was “officially presented” with a Main Directorate for Migration Affairs (GUVM) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) “file for review” relating to a request for “urgent and immediate” political asylum requested by an American citizen named Eric Braverman who was the former CEO of the Clinton Foundation, and is known as the man who can expose ‘the real Clinton Scandal’. (1)

Eric Braverman was a Yale educated friend of Chelsea Clinton’s who worked with her at the consulting firm of McKinsey and Company Consultants. He was brought on to Clinton Foundation by Chelsea who had huge concerns over the ethical issues swirling around the foundation. Issues such as the foundation’s aggressive fundraising and accountability. The foundation had also been accepting contributions from foreign governments with little oversight from the State Department when Hillary was the Secretary of State… Braverman set forth standards that followed along the lines of an audit performed in 2011. The standards rubbed the loyal and long tenured Clinton staff the wrong way…

Many who were interviewed after Braverman disappeared said he left the foundation in a much stronger position, but they believe he was pushed out.  The sources say, “ Braverman’s modernization efforts were hampered by the occasionally conflicting visions of the three Clintons, and their rival staff factions. Some told Braverman, “You don’t know how this place works.” (2) There is another wrinkle in this saga…. Braverman felt he was outed in a Wikileaks email to Podesta.  (below)

Braverman went to NBC News and spoke with someone there about what he uncovered at the foundation.  It is there he told them to “follow the money”. Podesta knew that Braverman was the man ‘inside the foundation’ before he resigned? (3)




So, did Braverman seek asylum with Russia? (4)  Russia certainly isn’t speaking about it. Braverman’s family is not speaking to anyone. He has vanished. An Article in Investment Watch Blog suggests that there is a deliberate smoke and mirrors trick going on and that Braverman is actually being held in protective custody by the FBI in exchange for testimony against Hillary Clinton….

One more wrinkle to this already complicated story is that Eric Braverman is married to Neil Brown who is also in the Benghazi arms deal. Did Braverman know? At this point it is not clear whether he did or didn’t. This is one tale full of intrigue and scandal fit for a big blockbuster movie someday. As of this blog, no one knows where Eric Braverman is– taken in by the Russians, missing or dead…. Is this another person associated with the Clintons that will added to the list of murders, suicides and mysterious deaths? Allegedly……

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