Create Financial Prosperity!!

Whether you work from home like I do, or you work from someone else’s company, you spend many hours there. Creating an environment that is inviting and promotes your work is essential.  Feng Shui is the art of creating energy flow in your environment. Feng means wind and Shui means water. In Chinese culture it is associated with good health, which is translated also into good fortune. They believe that all of nature is alive and by respecting and encouraging the flow of Chi (life energy), you can improve your life, health, money, relationships and general happiness. So today I wanted to give you some general tips on improving your work area.

  1. For creativity put your desk in the North to N.W. position in your room.  For financial gain, the desk is best in the S.E. corner. Sit farthest from the door to create the ability to look out over all the business. This is true for computer also, N.W. for creativity, S. E. for income.
  2. Do not have your desk in the line of the door; it will be in the path for negative energy. However if doing business from your desk face the door as it will bring in business.
  3. Do not have the desk in a direct line with the hallway or stairs. The same is true for closets, toilets or escalators.
  4. A tall building behind you will act as a protection, which is good.
  5. In your office balance light and dark colors, soft and hard surfaces, and smooth and rough textures in your choice of window treatments, furniture, and flooring.
  6. Hide your cords as much as possible.
  7. Keep your office clean and neat to encourage the flow of good Chi. Cleanliness is next to Godliness is an important rule.
  8. Metal like a safe, signifies the business is prosperous and it goes into the N.W. corner.
  9. Treat your files and file cabinet with respect, keep them organized, as they are your past, present and future business.
  10.  Keep a focal place in the office; it keeps the energy directed forward.  Keep any annoying, chatty energy from interfering with your area. It is Sai Chi, or poison arrows at your back.  If you are in communal area a big earthen pot with plants can help balance it.
  11.  Keep any annoying, Chatty energy from interfering with your work area. It is Sai Chi or poison arrows at your back.  If you are in a communal area a big earthen pot with plants can balance it.
  12. Plants encourage good Chi and Bamboo plants are especially lucky.
  13.  Crystals encourage wealth; Citrine are especially good for this. Rose quartz helps with working with people.
  14. When you come into an office, the pictures you first see across the room need to fill you with good energy as they set the tone.

There are other more specific things, like I have Chinese coins that encourage wealth, crystals, a Feng Shui vase and a fountain.  The art of Feng Shui really changes the energy around your business, and creates an environment of productivity and money. So get creative it will improve your life!!!


Feng Shui

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