Repeating Numbers 111 and 1111



A client told me the other day I have been seeing 111 an 1111 over and over. “I see it on digital clocks, channels on the television, what does it mean?” Spiritually I believe everything boils down to numbers.  The day you born, the day you have your children, the day you get a new job. It all means something. The spiritual dilemma we have is just what does it mean?

The first thing about repeating numbers is that they are sacred communication.  So I would ask you to acknowledge to your angels and guides when you see the numbers, you realize they are trying to communicate. Even if it is a simple, “Thank you I see the numbers.”  It encourages communication between your higher power, your guides and yourself.

The number 111 or 1:11 or 11:11 refers to a new opportunity coming in to your life.  It is like a door that has opened.  I always suggest to people that it is important you think and pray in that moment only what you wish for. Do not think about what you are afraid of or do not want in your life.  It is a powerful manifestation number.  Dwelling on your fears and phobias can have a negative effect in which you bring into your world what you do not want.

In addition to this,1’s before another number as with or 114 also mean something. 114 means the angels are working with you to bring about your heart’s desire.  Four 1’s as in 1111 that add up to 4 are the angels asking you to get involved with manifesting, and in this case, they ask your help manifesting that which will help the world.

113, means to surrender your desires to spirit and ask for them to help you manifest. 7 next to 1’s as in 117 can mean you will experience great fortune.  One’s next to 9’s as in 119, means the completion of one goal, while moving onto the next one.

Our guides and angels are always trying to connect with us, and give us help and support.  Numbers are an important way they do this. They speak to us all the time and are thrilled when it is acknowledged.  Spiritually there are no coincidences, everything happens for a reason.

Also many more people are regularly seeing these numbers, which lets me know there is something going on in the world that we can help manifest through.  The numbers represent an open door between this world and the next.  Again, dwell on that which is positive and you wish to manifest.

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