Repeating numbers 22, 222 and 2222


What does it mean when you constantly see 22 or 222?  My son and I have just started see these numbers.  When he asked me I honestly had to do some research. Again this is angelic communication.

First I always acknowledge angelic communication, so they continue and I can dialogue with my angels. The number 2 demonstrates faith and trust. It is about duality in choices; it creates balance and harmony.  It allows you to be fluid and adaptable in your journey toward success. It promotes diplomacy in your communications with others, as you move toward your Divine life purpose and soul mission.

22 is a master builder number, and is ancient in its power.  It provides vision, idealism and transformation as it is the first step forward.  It can manifest the most ambitious dreams. It also asks that you see the larger picture, how it affects the whole.  It asks you to bring things to fruition both on a physical  and spiritual level.  It says you must maintain your convictions as you go forward.

222 is a validation that you are thinking correctly. It says, “You are right in your thoughts and actions.”  If you wanted to quit your job and begin your dream business, this is an acknowledgement that you are on the right path. You can manifest your dreams,  yet know that everything is being worked out for the good of all. It also tells you that everything will turn out in the end.

If you are seeing 2222, it means that your path in life is changing.  This is a good omen that you see and recognize the numbers mean something. The numbers can be your connection in the real world to your guides in the spiritual world. They always want to work with us and be included in our journey.    So ask for their assistance and they will help you.

The numbers associated with 2, 22, 222 and 2222 are the next step on your spiritual journey, think of them as the beginning of your journey forward,they are the first step, like one  a baby would take. He learns to move forward, while balancing and keeping his eyes open to the world around him. He moves forward with determination believing he will get where he wants to go.

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