Elliot the the Rainbow Parrot

From 6-15-2015

Sometimes the magic of the Divine Creator even stumps me. It is like a beautiful interwoven tapestry, and everything is truly connected. So let me tell you about Elliot.  Nick my son is more active than ever. He has a job, is going to college and is active in recovery, Ala-Non to be specific.  His life is pretty good. I am so proud and happy. He still lives at home and does his own thing.

However for the last 17 ½ years other than my clients and recovery he has been my focus. I have adored him from the moment he was born. I remember sitting with him and feeling like I won the lottery. I still feel like that most days, LOL.  My part in his life is more a supportive bit role though, the last year changing dramatically.  I felt as if I had little direction and didn’t know where to go next.

About 3 months ago, I was passing this exotic bird rescue.  I have this little paper, and I was going to leave copies in there.  So as I walked it was loud and bustling. The birds were squawking and talking sitting on perches like decorations.  It was vibrant and exciting to me.  Now I have only had one little cockatiel I got for my son a long time ago, so my experience with birds was none. I noticed after that I felt drawn to the place and would stop in frequently. I thought about volunteering there. So I started interacting with the birds.

I fell in love with the featherless Murphy, a Moluccan Cockatoo. He had been abused, and now lived at the Rescue.  So I visited the birds frequently and became friends with a few.  It was not long before I decided I wanted to learn about the parrots and adopt one, but I knew the rescue wanted to make sure the bird adopted me first. So I meandered my way through the colorful macaws, frankly they were as tall as me, to the African greys and the yellow parrots.  I noticed this little bird walk around his cage following me when I visited a bird named Ollie. His name tag said Elliot.  He was a spectacled or white faced parrot.  Some do call them rainbow parrots as they have a white forehead, red glasses around their eyes and a blue hat on top.  I immediately associated his name to the character Elliot on ET, The Extraterrestrial. So I started talking to him and watching him like a timid suitor.

Well suffice it to say I fell in love with Elliot.  I worked for a month to buy him, so every day I went in, took him out of the cage and sat with him. Elliot came home and has been with me since. I adore him and so does Nick. He is my new focus and learning about Parrots has been really exciting.

Elliot had a past!  He was 28 when I adopted him. He lived with a man for 20 years who could not keep him anymore. That was already his second home and birds bond with humans.  I frankly judged the man when I heard that he called Elliot, Smelliot (though they do have a little musky smell), and vowed to love Elliot more.

Then one day I was in the rescue, and the director Mandy said, “Come here I want to show you something.”  It seems Elliot had a legacy. He had an article written about him in Bird Talk magazine in Oct. 1997. I remember that time well as I was 7 months pregnant with my precious baby.  Elliot’s companion loved Elliot, he wrote a song for the rainbow parrot, and started a book about him. His companion even had Elliot’s face stenciled on his guitar.  He couldn’t keep Elliot; it wasn’t that he did not love him. My heart melted and I had a huge desire to connect with the man.  So after a couple of emails, I learned that God has a way of utilizing everything in his kingdom.  Elliot was always cared for and loved. At a time in my life this small spectacled parrot came in to my life and brought joy, love and companionship. The man who had cared for Elliot for those 2 decades and I are now friends and my son gets to go about his life and be happy. Everything was woven into a pattern best for all concerned as if it were meant to be this way!


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