The Ouija Board, Friend or Foe?

The Ouija Board has a mysterious reputation that ranges from a portal to the other side to an open door to the demonic realm.  In 1890 Elijah Bond introduced a board game with numbers, letters and a planchette (a heart shaped piece of plastic or wood). from that point on the Ouija board took off.   At first it was a considered a harmless parlor game, but soon it gained a negative reputation due the experiences by the some of the people who used it.  Christians claimed Ouija opened the door for demons to come in to the real world, and warned it could lead to demonic possession. The argument is once you open the door to the nether realms you cannot control who or what comes through, and that it is possible to release real evil in to the world.

Author Emily Grant Hutchings claimed that her novel Jap Herron: A Novel Written from the Ouija Board (1917) was dictated by Mark Twain’s spirit through the use of a Ouija board after his death.(1) In fact many psychic books written in the 1920’s were written with the aid of the Ouija board.  Pearl Lenore Curran had a relationship for over 20 years with a spirit named Patience Worth. They wrote several novels and works of poetry. Curran used the Ouija board to connect with Worth.  Jane Roberts who channeled a spirit named Seth used the Ouija board to contact Seth.

Present day author Karen A. Dahlman believes there is a way to connect with friendly spirits, and provides instruction on how to do so. She states that people are fearful, and tend to hold on to supplied beliefs. That they want control and order, so anything out side of that makes them uncomfortable. This is why the negativity around the Ouija board prevails and is not challenged more often.  There is a time I would have agreed with her.

I have to relate a story that happened to me. I have used the Ouija board a couple of times in my own home in Arizona, and frankly did not pay much attention. It seemed to me it was much ado about nothing. That is what I experienced, nothing. I am able to connect with the dead at times, and I communicate regularly with my own guides, so I was a little surprised I got nothing from the Ouija. So I threw it up in a closet and forgot about it.

My son and I travelled to Washington State for a few months; we actually thought we might live there. We stayed in a small town that seemed damp and dirty to me, and within 4 months, I moved back to Phoenix. During the stay there I felt lost…..I had a difficult childhood in this town, and though that was decades before, it still affected me.  While we were there, I decided to pull out the Ouija board which I brought with me for some reason……A weird thing came out of it, a message that spelled “you wanna hurt?”  I was a little scared so I took the Ouija board and threw it out in the dumpster.  Two days later I fell down the stairs and bruised my ribs so badly I could barely breathe for a couple of days. So I really hurt.

Now was it coincidence or my struggle with my environment?  From that point on I have left the Ouija board experience for someone else, anyone else.  I talk to my spirit guides many times a day, and I pray regularly. The negative experience I had with that toy was pretty freaky and I have never experienced anything like it since. For me the debate is over, and whether like a poltergeist I summoned the negative experience because of my mindset or I opened the door to a demon, doesn’t matter, pain is pain….no matter how it comes into your life.


  1. Book Review-Jap Herron: A Novel Written from the Ouija Board, The New York Times, September 1917. Retrieved2012-06-11,

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