Close Encounters of the 5th Kind in Monterrey

Close Encounters of the 5th Kind in Monterrey, Mexico

     We are all familiar with Close Encounters of the 3rd kind. It was a beautiful movie of human/alien exchange in Wyoming.  Where people on earth connected through a telekinetic type experience and drawn to Devil’s Mountain in Wyoming.  The aliens were communicating and certain people could pick it up, and made a pilgrimage, even when threatened by poisonous gas.  The experience is also a Close Encounter of the 5th kind. Never heard of it? Well actually there are 7 defined Close Encounters.  A close encounter is any encounter with an unidentified flying object. J. Allen Hynek came up with the terms we recognize today.  Close encounters with UFO’s are basically within 500 feet.  That way there is little margin for error in identifying the UFO. Beyond 500 feet, they are:

  • Daylight Discs
  • Nocturnal Lights
  • Radar/Visual Reports (1)

Here are the levels of Close Encounters:

  1. Visual encounters, you see them in the sky.
  2. There is some interaction like, your car stops working, the radio goes wonky, animals get weird, run away, you are paralyzed or fall asleep, or there is some evidence, like the ground is burnt or it leaves a mark.
  3. A being is seen, robot, humanoid, Grey, Reptilian, or Nordic. You have contact with a being.
  4. You are taken by the alien ship. It is an abduction.
  5. There is actual communication between you and the alien. It can be verbal, musical or telekinetic, telepathic. It was named by CSETI’s group member, Steven M. Greer. He has determined it needs to be both communicating with each other. Not just one person communicating. (2)
  6. This encounter ends in death of the human or the animal.
  7. The creation of an alien/human hybrid. It can occur through a sexual encounter or artificial insemination.

The reason I outlined all this, is because I am going to tell you about a Close Encounter of the 5th kind in Monterrey, Mexico. Santiago Yturria is a UFO researcher and videographer in Mexico, so famous he has a talk show….He also has a 20 year old UFO group in Nuevo Leone.  In December 1994, Dr. Greer from CSETI sent a team called RMIT (Rapid Mobilization Investigative Team) to Monterrey.

The team had Lucid Dreams in which they all experienced communication with the aliens. The aliens used the dreams to show the team the exact location in which to meet with them. The location was the Las Mitres mountains. An area that reports many UFO sightings, and is rumored to have cave in which the UFO’s fly in their ships.

Shari Adamiak (writer on dreamed the exact location. It was where they chose to make their base. Now as I read through some transcripts from the people, it read curiously close to the people’s experience in “The Mojave Incident.” Which was not too far off time wise (1989 for Mojave Incident), and when I felt the call to the Southwest myself.

They talk about it starting with a couple of stars in the night sky. Then about 1:00 a.m. a bright strobe like light pulsated over the land. Dr. Greer and Shari stood there as a second strobe light appeared from the side.  Both felt pulled to the brush area, and felt there might be a spaceship there. Shari became aware of small beings in the brush. They were shy and were barely within sight and had rust colored uniforms on.  They began to telepathically communicate with the two people. The first thing they communicated about was the camera man who had come up from behind. Dr. Greer went to the camera man to tell him not to turn it on and the others not to come forward unless instructed.

The beings seemed to be trying to adjust the humans form and energy to meet the other beings. There was a story that they actually removed food from Shari’s stomach because the energy was dense.  She had given them permission to do so.  They were told to remove their glasses and hats so the energy began to flow between them. The small beings then disappeared.

After that a blue fog rolled in and a humanoid being appeared in it. He was tall with long silver hair.  The being came forward and said it would love to manifest more fully but were afraid of frightening other people in their group…. Shari remarked how kind and thoughtful they appeared to be. The fear of the members of the group that night did not allow the alien to fully realize. He remarked, “Soon again, soon again.”  (3) One American woman was terrified and retreated to a jeep, so the aliens concern about the fear level was accurate.

After reading this article it rang close to the experience in the Mohave Desert. There were differences in the number of aliens and their intent towards the couple.  Though fear and distress can distort or even arrest an experience.  Many of us feel as if we are being called up or prepared. For what we are not sure….


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  2. McCarthy, Paul (December 1, 1992). “Close encounters of the fifth kind. (communicating with UFOs)”. Omni (magazine)
  3. Adamiak, Shari, Close Encounters of the 5th Kind in Monterrey, Mexico, December 1994,

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