Udo Wartena and the UFO Encounter of 1940

January 1940, WWII was gaining steam in Europe. It was also 7 years before the Roswell crash and 17 years before the first satellites orbited the earth. This case may present the best information on why aliens are visiting our planet.

It was mid-morning, Udo Wartena had just discovered a new vein of gold ore near Boulder Mountain in Montana. He was a miner that earned his living by working his claim. The nearest community to his claim was Townsend, a small town near Helena, Montana.  Udo was a Dutch immigrant that kept a huge secret until the very end of his life.

He was clearing debris from around the area around the gold vein when he heard this humming sound. At first, he ignored it, but the noise got louder as if it was moving near him. Udo climbed to the top of the plateau. There he was amazed by a hovering ship that looked like two plates on top of each other, it was a real hovering saucer. It was about 30 feet high and 100 feet across. He was drawn to the craft.

As Udo walked toward the humming ship, a ladder descended and a pale man emerged. They walked slowly toward each other and the man stopped about 12 feet from Udo. He was tall, lean with long silver hair. He wore a type of grey overalls and on his feet, he wore grey ‘moccasin like’ foot wear. He reached out and shook Udo’s hand.

Speaking to Udo he said they were unaccustomed to be seen and interrupted. He politely asked if it were ok to take water from the lake nearby. He spoke plainly like a linguist. As if he were careful to pronounce his words. Udo nodded affirmatively regarding the water as the man asked What Udo was doing up there. The man then asked if Udo would like to see the ship. Wartena was excited and nodded.

The man and Udo entered a main room about 12 x 16 feet. The room had indirect lighting and upholstered benches going around it. There were controls at one end with an older white haired man at the consul. At one end, there was a sliding door.  Both had nearly translucent skin, and when Udo asked their ages the younger man said 609 and the older man said 900. The younger man also told Udo they speak 500 languages as they travel throughout the stars. (1)

So why did they need the water? They used the hydrogen to fuel the craft. The younger man explained how they hovered above the meadow. He said the craft had 2 fly wheels one spinning right and the other spinning left. They provided their own gravitational pull, it was like sailing on ice. The rings were in the outside rim and were about 3 feet in diameter, and several inches thick. They were separated by a row of transformer like motors. This setup produced an electromagnetic field. He was told they focus on a distant star and use its energy to draw them there. The ship traveled faster than the speed of light and skipped across the light waves.

The information Wartena learned was similar to Bob Lazar’s while at Area 51. They used the energy from the sun and the stars to fly, along with another source they did not elaborate on. While in the craft the younger man asked Udo if he wanted to be scanned for impurities. Though Udo went through it, he gave it little thought and the results were not discussed.

When Udo asked where they were from, they answered a distant star, but he did not record it anywhere.  The being went on to say, “Because we look similar to you people we often mingle with you, gather information and leave instructions.” (2)  They said they tried to help when they could. Finally, the beings asked if he would like to go with them. Udo told them it would cause problems. Though later he said he didn’t know why he answered like that.

The aliens asked that Udo keep their visit a secret as no one would believe it, but that years down the road they would believe him. After craft left Udo lost the strength in his body for hours When he regained his strength he went home, and he kept his promise. In 1989 before he died, Udo related the experience that he never even shared with his wife.


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