Australian Mum and the UFO

Kelly Cahill and her husband Andrew were driving in Victoria, Australia in 1993. It was about midnight and they were coming home from a night out. Kelly noticed a craft in front of them with circular orange lights rotating around the bottom. At first, she thought it was a blimp, but as a light was shined on her, she realized it was something else. She woke up relaxed in her car, missing an entire hour of time….

It seems upon seeing the craft, Kelly got out to take a closer look. She was not the only one. There were 2 other cars that became part of the experience. She relates, “All of a sudden I started screaming out to my husband…. Now this has really got me baffled because of the fact that a human being doesn’t know this, so I don’t even know how I came out with this, but I started saying, “They’ve got no souls.” And then I started screaming, “THEY’VE GOT NO SOULS!” There were heaps of them in the field, not just one, a whole heap of them, and they started coming towards us . . . faster than a man could run, and they were gliding off the ground. They got halfway across the field.”

They split up. Some of them went towards the other people [two or three, Kelly thought]. and some of them [the rest] came towards us. Kelly found herself screaming to the other people down the road, “They’re evil! They’re going to kill us!” (1) She revealed to Today Tonight, “I felt this blow to my stomach and went flying in the air. I heard my husband say let go of me and this male voice that say. “I mean you no harm.” (2)

At home, she discovered she had a triangle around her navel, began menstruating unexpectedly and was treated later for an infection in her womb. The mother of 3 began to remember the incident gradually over a period of weeks. She said the craft was about 150 feet in diameter. She said they were ‘devoid of color’, but were taller than a normal man, about 7 feet tall. When she looked out into the field there were dozens of them out there, coming toward them.  They split up and many went to the other cars….

Under Hypnosis the 2 other women (unknown to Cahill before the encounter) in the other cars recalled similar experiences and had similar markings around their navels.  Because these women reported the incident, Cahill was able to debunk her skeptics.  The other witnesses were the evidence.  Ms. Cahill said she had a number of dreams connected to the encounter after the experience. She wrote a book called Encounter: The True Story, and was a speaker at UFO Conferences.

During the encounter the beings did not talk, so they did not provide any information. Though the women did not see each other on board, psychically they were aware of each other.  Again, like the couple that experienced abduction in the Mojave Incident, the Cahills had phenomenon happen afterward in their home. They saw fleeting shadows of tall thin men and experienced bad odors that seemed to move around.

An interesting note, 2 years before the encounter, Kelly had a dream in which she moved through a flesh like hourglass apparatus. She had a vision of opening their back door and seeing a light for a few seconds. Then she blacked out. It felt like it did the night of the abduction. From July -September of 1993 small orange fire balls the size of tennis balls hit the side of their house. Kelly, her husband and her mother-in-law all saw them.  One more note, Chris Carter brought this story back in the New XFiles in 2015.


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