Time Travel; Its a Bit of a Time Slip

Is time travel going on around us all the time?   I have become fascinated by the topic of time travel. It is not just me either, as Hollywood is constantly using the device and now even has programs catering to it, Timeless, Time After Time (based on one of my favorite movies from the 1980’s with Mary Steenburgen) and Making History. Many shows use it as a device, even my favorite animation Family Guy’s characters Stewie and Brian regularly go back in time. I have lived long enough to see science fiction become science fact.  I say this because I have seen many things in my life come to pass, things that were considered impossible have turned up as being factual.  I even have a couple of weird memories myself that are slight confusing as to time frame.

So, what is a time slip? In literary sense, it is a device in which a character finds himself inexplicably in another time period with little sense of how to get back. What if science has found a way to create this on a more concrete level?  What if it occurred periodically in nature?  There have been a few historical pictures with items in them that did not fit. The woman walking out of the factory with a what looks like a cell phone held up to her ear, the old woman in the Charlie Chaplin movie (The Circus) with what looks like a phone held up to her ear…. Then there was the time slip of the time slip of Air Marshal Sir Robert Victor Goddard over the former Royal Air Force station Drem Airfield in 1935.

Air Marshal Sir Robert Victor Goddard said he was flying a Hawker Hart biplane over Scotland in 1935. He was considered as credible a witness as they come which made his story more important.  Goddard was flying to Andover in England and decided to fly over an abandoned airfield at Drem. The useless airfield was overgrown with foliage, the hangars falling apart, cows grazing in the pastures. As he flew over, he encountered what he called a bizarre storm with brown-yellow clouds. He lost control of the plane for a time and it spiraled downward. As he regained control, he flew toward Drem the storm vanished and the sun came out revealing a fully functioning and very different airstrip. The hangars looked new there were planes painted in yellow- they did not paint planes yellow until 1939. The area was bustling with people in blue overalls -which they did not wear in 1935, they wore brown ones.  As he flew higher he was caught in the storm again and the scene below vanished.  It was as if he had slipped into the future and then back to 1935. (1)

Another story about a time slip happened to a man named Kell, 2003, in Springfield, Mo. He was filling up his 1999 Chevrolet pickup at a gas station when he noticed a man in an old suit that look frustrated. The man yelled at Kell:

“What year is this?”

Kell said he was startled at the question but said, “It is 2003.”

He said the man looked angry and yelled again, “What year is this?”

Kell again yelled back, “It is 2003.”

Kell then climbed into the truck. In the seconds, it took to slide behind the steering wheel, he looked up and the man was gone. He looked around and saw no trace of him.

My final story happened in 1971, three men; Karl, Mark and Gordon, were sent by their company to pick up a cattle feed unit. They worked for a cattle feed distributor in Ponca City, Oklahoma.  When they went to the distant field they discovered the unit next to a red barn. The unit was too heavy to pick up, so they decided to come back. They drove around the barn and saw a large two-story white house with no lights in front of it.  They went back the next day after their boss drained the feeder and took shotguns to explore the house that was sitting on company property.  When the trio got there what they saw astonished them. The house was gone.  As they walked to the area it sat the day before, there was nothing, no foundation no evidence the house ever existed. So, did they experience a time slip? (2)

Finally, one story that happened to me. After I graduated HS I went to live with a friend in a small town in Northern Utah, Garland. I graduated in 1975 and by the end of summer I was in Utah.  I lived there only a few months before moving into Salt Lake City to her families’ home.  I was in SLC in 1976.  Here is the weird part. We were sitting on her porch playing with her little boy when we heard on the radio Elvis Presley died. It was one of those events that is seared into your brain, like President Kennedy’s death, the walk on the moon, the Challenger explosion, Michael Jackson’s death. I can tell you where I was when I heard about all of those events.  Linda and Is were sitting on her small porch listening to the radio in Garland, Utah. The problem? Elvis Presley died in August of 1977. A year after I had moved into Salt Lake City. In Fact, in August of 1977 I was on my way home to Oregon…. So, does time slip? I think it does……



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