Richard C. Doty, Linda Moulton Howe, Paul Bennewitz and the UFOs

Richard C. Doty, who is he?  If you read my previous blog you will know he was a special agent for The Air Force Office of Special Investigations stationed at Kirkland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, NM.  During the 1980’s he was known as an agent of disinformation.  He claims that while he was there he was tasked with hoaxing documents and feeding false information to UFO researchers. The Air Force refuses to comment on whether they knew of his activities and whether his claims of partaking in this activity at the behest of his superiors is accurate. (1)

Richard was the son of Air Force Sargent Edward Doty, an investigator for Project Bluebook–this according to Richard Doty…When I looked up the information, according to NICAP (National Investigations Committee for Aerial Phenomena) he was Richard’s uncle. (2) One of the things about researching this person is that except for his interactions around Paul Bennewitz, there are conflicting stories about who he was and is.

Here is what I do know about him…. In a telephone interview with Phil Klass here is what Richard Doty said:

While assigned to the AFOSI District 70 Headquarters, Weisbaden, West Germany, I performed duties as a counterespionage specialist. In 1986, I was involved in a sensitive operation where I attempted to perform certain duties which would enable our team to trap possible foreign agents working against the interests of the United States. My supervisors, however, seen my actions as being unauthorized. Therefore, I was asked to leave AFOSI, which I did voluntarily. I accepted a position at Kirtland AFB, in Albuquerque, NM, where my son was residing with my former spouse. (3)

Here is what he did in actuality:

Doty claimed he lied to senators on behalf of AFOSI, that there was a disinformation campaign underway against Paul Bennewitz. According to statements he has made to several associates, and on at least one national radio program, he told Bennewitz there was an investigation and he gave Bennewitz hoaxed material to support this claim.  The first such document was given to Bennewitz after Senator Schmidt’s inquire, and just prior to Senator Domenici’s.

According to Doty and witnessed by others, he continued his campaign to convince Bennewitz that he was actually experiencing extraterrestrial phenomena for several years. New Mexico State police officer Gabe Valdez claimed in an interview that he was present when Doty flew Bennewitz over the town of Dulce, New Mexico. Doty Claimed he convinced Bennewitz that there was an alien base underground.

It was during this time that Doty claims he was ordered to break into Bennewitz’s house, he told the author of a book on his disinformation activities called, “Project Beta: The story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security and the Creation of a Modern UFO Myth. Bennewitz became paranoid regarding a UFO invasion, his mental health went downhill and he ended up spending time in a mental hospital…… (4)

The US Air Force has said on a couple of occasions that the hoaxed documents Doty provided Bennewitz were not actual valid documents. If that is true and he was not under orders, he was forging government documents as an AFOSI agent. Though Doty has said he was demoted once, there is no mention in the records.

Doty along with Bill Moore (who wrote the Philadelphia Experiment with Charles Berlitz) set out to provide disinformation to UFO researchers in the 1980’s. Moore joined APRO- (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization) in Tucson, Arizona and soon became one of its directors…. He also wrote The Roswell Incident along with Berlitz. Stanton Friedman helped research the book on Roswell. They worked together (after Moore separated from Berlitz) on the Roswell sighting for years.

It started for Moore in September 1980, when he received a phone call from someone who only said, “You’re the only person we’ve ever heard who seems to be on the right track.” The second caller suggested that they meet. Moore drove to a coffee-shop in Albuquerque and met, for the first time, the individual he refers to as the Falcon. (5)  The deal was that for his help in this situation the government promised Moore and his group real information on UFO’s.

Doty also met with Linda Moulton Howe, as she was making a documentary about cattle mutilations called Strange Harvest. She was also set to make a documentary on UFO’s for HBO. An attorney Peter Gersten told Howe he knew a man Richard Doty an AFOSI agent and he would set up a meeting.  When Howe went to see Doty, he took her to Kirkland Air Force Base. After Doty and Howe got set up in a small room and presented her an envelope with information. He told her she could not take it, but she could read it and ask questions.

The document was titled Briefing Paper for the President of the United States of America. It described UFO crashes, alien bodies, and an alien who survived one of the crashes. The paper listed several government UFO projects:

  1. Project Garnet: an investigation into human evolution.
  2. Project Sigma: efforts to communicate with aliens.
  3. Project Snowbird: R & D of alien technology recovered from UFO crashes.
  4. Project Aquarius: The umbrella program involving alien contact. (6)

Doty also promised (“allegedly”) film, several thousand feet of film with real aliens and an interview with a colonel that made friends with an alien that survived a crash and lived 3 years.  None of this ever materialized and when asked, Doty denied it. Doty finally told her it would not happen and the offer from HBO expired. He passed a polygraph saying none of this happened. If I did not trust Linda Moulton Howe’s reporting, I might believe him.

Doty was only following orders, that is what he said I was only following orders. Although Doty claims the Bennewitz affair was disinformation. He also claims he was briefed on UFO’s when he joined AFOSI. He says the briefing stated, among other things, “Roswell was real. We had an alien. It was in captivity until 1951. He was kept at Kirkland and he also spent time at Los Alamos. He died in the latter part of 1951.” Doty also claims the alien liked strawberry ice cream and Tibetan music (7)


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