UFOs and the Destruction of Paul Bennewitz

When I was blogging about Dorothy Kilgallen and Dorothy Hunt I discovered I love stories about interesting people. So, I will continue to blog about the secret space program and the stories of UFO’s when I come across the story of someone that interests me, I will tell their story. Paul Bennewitz’s story is either one of extraterrestrial contact and an attempt of a grand UFO cover up. Or it is the despicable story of deception and betrayal by one’s own government.

Paul Bennewitz was a scientist and owned a company called Thunder Scientific and was called a brilliant psychist and inventor. The company still makes monitoring equipment that measures humidity and calibration equipment. Paul was a respected businessman in Albuquerque, supplying any number of government contracts. In the late 1970’s he began to further an interest in cattle mutilations and UFO’s. Investigator for the APRO (Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization out of Phoenix, his interest began to grow as he attended seminars and conferences.

He attended a large conference in Colorado on cattle mutilations in 1979 which is where he met Gabe Valdez. Gabe was a New Mexico State Trooper responsible for the Hickory Indian Reservation in Northern New Mexico. Bennewitz did a ride along with Valdez one evening and saw some interesting lights. He returned more than once to take pictures of where they had gone, and see what was up there in the daytime. The interesting thing about this is that it was in Dulce, New Mexico, where there is claimed to be an underground base.  The last time he went with his son, and when they came home, his wife stated there had been humming noises over their house the night before.

Paul Bennewitz lived in an upscale area called the Four Hills which was basically next to Kirkland Airforce base, near the Manzano Weapons Storage. He would set up a camera on his rooftop and take both stills and film of lights in the night sky over Manzano.  Late in 1979 to early 1980, Paul Bennewitz was filming from his roof when he witnessed disc shaped objects silently fly in and out of the Manzano Weapons storage. What made this unique is that it happened over a period of several days.  He also got it on film. What happened to Paul next was what I consider one of the biggest mysteries and outright tragedies in a man’s life.

When Paul developed the film, he noticed that there was no reactionary activity around Kirkland Air Force base. No one seemed the wiser when these objects were flying in and out, he wondered if they even knew. There were no alarms going off, nothing. So, like the good American he was, he called Kirkland Air Force base to let them know. (1) When later questioned by author Chris Lambright about whether he was concerned he had triggered some type of concern over what he witnessed he stated, “You can’t be that paranoid.” Perhaps he should have been.

This is a long story with many players I will blog about, but what happened next is that Paul Bennewitz was called into a meeting with Kirkland Air Force base. There he met Richard Doty. Doty and later fellow UFO investigator from APRO William Leonard Moore, began the process of feeding misinformation to Bennewitz to completely destroy his story. They misdirected his energy to Dulce, NM.

A woman (Myrna Hansen) was brought to him as an APRO investigator from Deputy Gabe Valdez. She told a story of how she and her son had seen a UFO. She was encouraged to be regressed to determine what she experienced.  Upon regression, she told a story about underground bases of aliens in Dulce, New Mexico.   Doty produced falsified documents from the government on projects to substantiate the information about UFO’s and presented them Bennewitz.  Over a period of years Moore and Doty systematically helped to destroy him.

There were other weird things going on. The Bennewitzs appeared to people with red marks on them that looked like burn marks. Paul said the aliens had been scanning them. Most people considered remarks like these the couple just going further down the rabbit hole of insanity. Linda Moulton Howe when going over information with Chris Lambright later as he was writing his book said, “And all that time I just thought he lost his mind.” (2)  It seems that Sandia labs and Kirkland Air Force base were indeed developing technology called Active Denial Technology, or ADT. One of the “non-lethal” weapons was something called ADS or Active Denial System. It was an octagonal antenna that was mounted on a transport and would deliver a laser beam, enough to sting, not enough to kill.

Paul Bennewitz was a scientist, and after being fed false documents about Dulce, and being sent Myrna Hansen (whom Paul believed), he thought he could create a device to communicate with the aliens.  So, he built low frequency receivers to receive electromagnetic transmissions from alien crafts. Those who heard these communications said it was real data, the question was from whom, aliens or the NSA? (3) Yep by this time the NSA was involved to the point they bought the house across the street from the Bennewitzs. Seeing people come in and out all the time was taking a toll on Paul.  Lambright believes it was at this time Paul Bennewitz may have figured out his problems were less of an alien nature and more of an earthly, government variety.

Who would believe a government would do this to their people? What kind of government would do this?  Well today that type of accusation is not that far out of reach…. Richard Doty has been quoted as saying during the 1980’s he was hired strictly for spreading disinformation to UFO researchers…. Then there was William Leonard Moore. A special place in hell must be reserved for a man that would deliberately pass on wrong information to a fellow researcher and try to destroy him.….

Here are some points that I thought were interesting, when his original film of the discs was returned from the air force, the first 35 frames were gone.  The films were evidence, he witnessed what he said he did, so did his wife.   He lost his mental health, his credibility and Paul Bennewitz passed away in 2003. Those first films of the objects coming and going from Kirkland Air Force Base were real, and he was just trying to uncover the truth…. The government clearly had something to hide to go to these lengths to hide it….


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