George H.W. Bush and the Enterprise….

The Reagan Administration

Essay by  Mark Gorton of Tower Research

50 Years of Deep State

Within an hour of Reagan being sworn in as President, the Iranians released the hostages. As Vice President, George H.W. Bush was able to assume unprecedented control over the national security infrastructure without Reagan understanding what was happening. Republican/CIA Counter Surprise point man William Casey was rewarded for his act of treason by being made Director of the CIA. With Bush as VP, Casey as DCI, and Reagan dozing on the job, the Cabal was well positioned to run the country behind the scenes.

As Vice President, Bush represented the United States on a committee of heads of international intelligence agencies. This working group had the capability to task a number of assassination teams from a variety of intelligence agencies. Without any formal or legal oversight, this committee had the power to kill with impunity nearly anyone in the world.

Just two months into the Reagan administration, John Hinckley Jr. attempted to kill Ronald Reagan. There is good reason to believe that this planned assassination was another attempted coup d’état. The Bush and Hinckley families were close. The day after the assassination attempt, John Hinckley’s brother, Scott, was schedule to have dinner with Vice President Bush’s son, Neil. In addition, earlier in his career, John Hinckley Sr., the gunman’s father, worked for World Vision, an organization with close ties to the intelligence community.

The Enterprise

Ensconced in the Vice President office, Bush set out to build a criminal organization without parallel in US history. Many elements of this criminal organization later became known under various names:Iran-Contra, the Savings and Loan Scandal, CIA/DEA drug trafficking, HUD fraud, etc. However, the press reports either failed to comprehend or refused to report the common organization behind these crimes. Iran-Contra conspirator General Richard Secord called it “The Enterprise”, and that term perhaps best describes the organization. The Enterprise was a massive 5000 person large hierarchical criminal organization with George H.W. Bush as its CEO.

The Enterprise was a multifaceted criminal conglomerate that ran a large number of criminal activities including: drug trafficking, arms trafficking, savings and loan fraud, securities fraud, oil and gas fraud, insurance fraud, and real estate fraud. Embedded within the national security infrastructure and protected from prosecution by corrupted enforcement agencies like the SEC, FBI, DEA, ATF, etc., The Enterprise embarked on a massive criminal romp.

Senior members of The Enterprise included William Casey, Richard Secord, Richard Armitage, Oliver North, John Poindexter, Edwin Wilson, Thomas Clines, Donald Gregg and Felix Rodriguez. During this time, the transition of the Cabal to an increasingly Bush family centered syndicate continued. Much like a mob family, the next generation of the Bush family was brought into the family crime business. Members of the younger generation of the Bush family specialized in particular types of fraud. George W. Bush’s specialty was insurance fraud; Neil Bush specialized in real estate fraud; Jeb Bush was involved in a wider variety of frauds (banking, securities, real estate, oil and gas, gold bullion, and aircraft brokerage frauds).

As with all George H.W. Bush operations, The Enterprise served many purposes. The most obvious motive was pure greed. Billions of dollars were plundered in a wide variety of frauds and crimes. But more importantly, Bush and the Cabal needed to spread and perpetuate a criminal milieu within government. An honest government was an enormous threat to Bush and the Cabal. They had (and have) a never ending need to continue to commit more crimes in order to create new generations of criminals to maintain the criminal environment which protected them.

Crime was the Bush family business. Just as Prescott Bush inducted George H.W. to the criminal life partially to protect himself from exposure of his WWII era treason, fraud and theft, George HW committed his sons to a life of crime, so that the next generation would do their duty to protect their father and their family’s criminal past.

The financial frauds conducted by The Enterprise were designed to implicate, enrich and entrap a huge swath of the political class in DC. Fraudulent securities or oil and gas deals were offered to friends to enrich them and enemies to entrap them. In some cases, enemies were suckered in with easy profits on small investments only to be bankrupted when larger fraudulent investments imploded. By the time that the Iran Contra scandal made the headlines, such a large number of congressmen and DC insiders were implicated that any attempt to expose the scale of the scandal would have resulted in a near wholesale implication of the political class. In many ways, this endemic corruption is what makes political reform in Washington so difficult, the level of corruption is so pervasive that the political class has no choice but to cover for each other’s crimes or risk mutually assured destruction.

George H.W. Bush was the greatest criminal mastermind in American history. His criminal operations work on many, many levels. In addition to pure looting, the building and strengthening of his criminal base within government, and the systematic corruption and control of political class in Washington, the Iran-Contra operation served another, little understood purpose.

Eventually, the large scale looting of the Savings and Loans, the securities fraud, the oil and gas frauds, the insurance frauds all began to come to light, and the end of The Enterprise was clearly in sight. At this point, an attempt was made to deliberately expose some drug and gun running aspects of the Enterprise and to blame them on Reagan in an attempt to force him to resign. The falsely blaming the president for crimes with which he was not associated has strong parallels to the Watergate Coup and makes Iran – Contra the fourth Coup attempt in George H.W. Bush’s career. However, Reagan loyalists Edwin Meese and George Shultz were able to fight off the coup, and Reagan’s presidency survived. One reason that understanding The Enterprise is important today is that the network of people involved in the Enterprise did not go away. These individuals continued their long, active criminal careers and some of the people responsible for the 9/11 operation can be found to have previous working relationships during the days of The Enterprise.

As the large variety of crimes associated with The Enterprise came to light, and the press reported on a variety of scandals, senior leadership of The Enterprise needed to insulate themselves from exposure. The tactic used to protect the upper management of The Enterprise was the systematic killing of a huge number of middle level players in The Enterprise. In all, over 400 people were killed in the cover up of the crimes of The Enterprise. The vast majority of those killed were mid-level operational members of The Enterprise, but a fair number of reporters were also killed to keep the true nature of the organization from being exposed.

In order to facilitate the cover up, Congress began an investigation by establishing The House Select Committee to Investigate Covert Arms Transactions with Iran. The most important figure on the committee was senior Republican member, Richard Cheney. As a result, George H.W. Bush

was totally exonerated by the final report.



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