Mark Shaw and More About Dorothy Kilgallen

Mark Shaw wrote the book called, “The Reporter Who Knew Too Much; The Mysterious Death of ‘What’s My Line’ TV Star and Media Icon Dorothy Kilgallen”. Recently he provided an update on the radio program, Coast to Coast AM.  I decided that I would update you readers of the Dorothy Kilgallen story. Like Shaw I feel called to share her story, it has relevance to what is going on in the media today.  I was going to blog about Seth Rich today, when I heard the latest update. He is a whistleblower who forwarded emails to Wikileaks and then was murdered.

Dorothy Kilgallen was a sharp reporter who covered the Lindberg kidnapping case. She also covered the Sam Shepard Case (which later became the movie and TV show- ‘The Fugitive’), was a panelist on ‘What’s My Line’ TV show, and had a syndicated column in 200 newspapers across country. This at a time when women took a backseat to men in the workforce. She was also married and raised 3 children.

Here is a news flash, Dorothy was curious about UFO’s. There supposedly is a CIA tape of Dorothy Kilgallen having a conversation with Marilyn Monroe.  During the conversation, Marilyn tells Dorothy that Jack Kennedy knew some secret about UFO’s.  It was 2 days later that Marilyn was dead. Did anything JFK know about UFO’s in part cause his death? Probably not on its own.

Here is another interesting story with Dorothy Kilgallen.  She went to visit London in 1955, and wrote this story in her column:

British scientists and airmen, after examining the wreckage of one mysterious flying ship, are convinced these strange aerial objects are not optical illusions or Soviet inventions, but are flying saucers which originate on another planet. The source of my information is a British official of cabinet rank who prefers to remain unidentified. ‘We believe’ he said on the basis of our enquiry thus far, that the saucers are staffed by small men – probably under four feet tall. It is frightening, but there is no denying that the flying saucers come from another planet.

It was thought the source for Kilgallen’s column was Lord Mountbatten who actually related it to Dorothy at a cocktail party in May 1955.  He believed in UFO’s, that they were extraterrestrial… (1)

Dorothy thought this was a mob hit from start to finish. From my first blog (2) she took her hairdresser Marc Sinclaire with her to New Orleans. She immediately sent Sinclaire home, telling him not to say anything to anyone about where he had been. It was in New Orleans that Carlos Marcello the “The Godfather” resided. He ran the New Orleans crime family from the 1940’s through the 1970’s.  In 1959, he was facing deportation at the hands of Jack and Robert Kennedy. Marcello appeared before the US Senate’s McClellan Committee. They were investigating organized crime.  Chief counsel to the committee was Robert F. Kennedy, his brother John F. Kennedy was also on the committee. In 1960 Marcello donated $500,000 through the Teamsters Union for Richard M. Nixon, who lost to Kennedy.  1961 Marcello was deported to Guatemala.  (3)

The House Select Committee on Assassinations in its investigation into the assassination of JFK, recognized Jack Ruby’s murder of Lee Harvey Oswald as a link to organized crime. They went on to say that alone was the reason they suspected organized crime might have had something to do with Kennedy’s murder. (4)

Dorothy had made the connection between Marcello, Jack Ruby, and Lee Harvey Oswald to the assassination of JFK. She had been keeping that file with her of all the information she learned and was writing a book for Random House.  Melvin Belli said after her death, they have killed Dorothy, Jack Ruby is next. Oddly enough many believe Jack Ruby was injected with something that eventually cause cancer and pulmonary issues, which is how he died, in jail.

Marcello was represented by famed mob lawyer Frank Ragano in legal issues and his connection to Belli was that one time Ragano was having lunch with Marcello, Trafficante and others in NYC.  Time magazine called him a “top Cosa Nostra hoodlum.” (5) Ragano hired Belli to sue the magazine and won. There was a connection to Jimmy Hoffa. On January 14, 1992, Ragano told Jack Newfield of the New York Post that he relayed a request from Hoffa to Trafficante and Marcello asking that the two Mafia bosses kill Kennedy. (5) According to Ragano, he met Hoffa at the Teamster’s headquarters in Washington D.C. then delivered the message to Trafficante and Marcello a few days later in a meeting at the Royal Orleans Hotel in New Orleans. (6)

So how much was documented in that file she kept to write her book from?  Her husband Richard Kollmar said that he destroyed that file after her death. However, Johnny Ray (one of her last lovers) said she would have never let her husband near her files.  There is a daughter of one of Kilgallen’s employees still alive. She said that her father discovered Dorothy’s body. Author Mark Shaw who did not reveal the daughter’s name on Coast to Coast radio, did say the clothes the employee found Dorothy in were changed before the police got there. She was made up in a fashion to go out, not to go to bed. The death scene was staged, her body was moved. She did not even sleep in that room. There were government agents that came to the house and threatened the employee to keep him quiet.

So, is the file still around? Mark Shaw believes it is and it has the answer to the question of who killed the brilliant reporter, and may be even have the answer to who killed President John F. Kennedy. So today as I was hearing that Seth Rich did indeed leak files from the DNC to Wikileaks, and was shot in the back, left for dead. It reminded me again of the connection I too feel about Dorothy Kilgallen…. To those brave whistleblowers who try to tell the truth…


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