The Cover Up After the Coup of ’63

The Cover Up

An Essay by Mark Gorton of Tower Research

50 Years of Deep State

Elaborate plans for the cover up of JFK’s assassination  went into action after his killing. JFK’s body was secretly rushed to Washington, DC aboard Air Force 2 while an empty casket sat in the hold of Air Force 1 and LBJ countermanded secret service advice and stalled taking off by demanding to be sworn in on the tarmac in Dallas. JFK’s body was then worked on in pre-autopsy surgery to reconstruct his skull and hide the nature of his wounds. The autopsy itself was conducted at Bethesda Naval hospital outside of Washington, DC under control of the top military brass. The clearest evidence of the military involvement in the Coup can be seen in handling of the autopsy.

The lead agency in the cover up was the FBI. The FBI was pushing the “Oswald did it”, “case closed” party line within 2 hours of JFK’s death. The entire FBI investigation was aimed at convicting Oswald and ignoring or destroying any evidence that pointed in another direction. Witness intimidation was frequently employed for anyone who had testimony that contradicted what the FBI wanted to hear.

When despite the most earnest pronouncements of J. Edgar Hoover, the public still was skeptical of the official version of who killed JFK; LBJ put together the Warren Commission. The Warren Commission was made up of some of the most eminent men in the country including Chief Justice of the supreme Court, Earl Warren. The Warren Commission was designed to approve the already firm FBI conclusions, and with a bit of extra process, it did exactly that. JFK’s bitter enemy and Coup leader Allen Dulles was the most active member of the Warren Commission. Key other commission members active in the cover-up were Council on Foreign Relations Chairman John McCloy, Gerald Ford and Earl Warren himself. Commission member Senator Richard Russell was a man of great integrity, and despite his being LBJ’s mentor in the Senate, he insisted on issuing a dissenting report. However, Senator Russell’s report was suppressed and only surfaced decades later in his private papers.

The Warren Commission had no investigative resources of its own, and it relied completely upon FBI investigators. The Warren Commission did interview witnesses, but it cherry picked the witnesses to obtain testimony that favored its preordained conclusions. Warren Commission staff attorneys steered witnesses away from relevant insights and also falsified testimony in order to cover up inconvenient facts that happened to poke through.

The threat of nuclear war was embedded in the fabric of the plot which was used to cow business, media and government leaders, who under other circumstances would not have gone along with a cover up of the assassination, into tacitly working with the Coup plotters.

The media complicity in the Coup of ’63 can be traced in part to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Elite members of the CFR such as Allen Dulles, Nelson Rockefeller, George Herbert Walker Bush and McGeorge Bundy were sponsors of the JFK assassination. CFR members, Allen Dulles, John McCloy and Gerald Ford played dominant roles in the Warren Commission cover up of the coup d’état.

A remarkable fraction of the publishers, editors and senior reporters of the most important media outlets in the country were also members of the Council of Foreign Relations including: Henry Luce (Publisher Time/Life), Clare Boothe Luce, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger (Publisher NY Times), William Paley (Owner CBS), Walter Cronkite (CBS), Dan Rather (CBS), Bob Schieffer (CBS), Peter Jennings (ABC), James Reston (NY Times), Anthony Lewis (NY Times), Harrison Salisbury (NY Times), Jacke Valenti, Daniel Schorr, and in later days Rupert Murdoch, Hael Eisner, Bill Clinton, George Stephanopolous, Brian Williams. The list goes on and on.

Any questioning of the Warren Commission involved impugning the honor of their CFR colleagues who ran the Warren Commission, and any serious investigation of the JFK assassination would have risked accusing their fraternity brothers of treason. The secrets of JFK’s assassination were so close to home that ignorance and denial were safer than the truth.

Now some reporters weren’t part of this club, and doggedly tried to find the truth. Reporters who could not be controlled were murdered by the criminals running the government.Over the years, certainly 50 and more likely more than 100 people have been killed to preserve the secrets of the Coup of ’63. Many witnesses, reporters, people who knew too much, plot members at risk of being exposed, overzealous law enforcement officials have all been killed. Some of these deaths were clearly violent. Many were made to look like something else.

Anyone who was a threat to the exposure of the cabal that took over the government had to be neutralized. In order to do this, the Cabal behind the Coup of ’63 built a mechanism of domestic death squads, and also the mechanism to cover up these crimes.


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