The New World Order: The Quickening of the Cabal

The Quickening of the Cabal

Essay by Mark Gorton of Tower Research

50 Years of Deep State

The criminals who took over the government had an incredible fear of being exposed. If exposed, they would be hung for treason. Fear of exposure bound the network behind the Coup of ’63 into an incredibly powerful political force which has dominated the American federal political system for the last 50 years.

The assassination continues to be an important event that every American should take the time to understand because the powerful forces that seized control of our government 50 years ago have not let go. As I studied the Coup of ’63, I began to perceive this Cabal behind JFK’s assassination, and I as I have studied their actions, I have understood their desperate need to control the American political system. If the Cabal were ever to lose control of the American political system, they risk exposure for a litany of crimes which continue to this present day.

6 years ago, I started studying the JFK assassination out of curiosity. But as I came to understand the Coup of ’63, and I was able to perceive the Cabal behind the Coup as an incredible political force, I began to study a series of events. Many of these events were also “conspiracies” dismissed as crazy by the mainstream media, and I saw that these conspiracies were the work of this same network of people. And what I have been doing for the last several years has been tracking the work of this evolving cabal through time.

In order to escape justice for their heinous crimes, the Cabal needed to build a number of capabilities for themselves. The Cabal needed to be able to kill with impunity anyone who threatened to expose them. They needed to be able to control the press, and they need to control the presidency, federal law enforcement agencies, and the intelligence community. Operating under the secret cover of “national security” from within intelligence agencies (CIA, ONI, military intelligence, etc.), the Cabal has been able to systematically destroy threats to itself. With control of the FBI, justice department, DEA, ATF, etc., the Cabal has been able to insure that no serious investigation of its crimes would take place. And massive, highly successful programs to control the press, like the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, have insured that the mainstream media would systematically ignore and dismiss all claims of high level government corruption.

With the control of law enforcement, intelligence agencies and the press, the Cabal built itself the perfect machine for committing crimes and getting away with them. And with these capabilities, the Cabal has run amok for the last 50 years.

The Assassination of RFK

The RFK assassination gives a good idea of the capability of this system. Bobby Kennedy knew that his brother had been killed by a conspiracy. He had a vague sense of the outlines of this conspiracy, but trapped within the Johnson administration, he lacked the power to determine the truth for sure. Bobby’s plan was to wait until he could attain the presidency, and then with the full power of the presidency, he would relentlessly hunt his brother’s killers and avenge JFK’s death.

The Cabal could not allow RFK to become president, and from the moment they seized power, they worked relentlessly to build the mechanism to let them kill Bobby Kennedy and cover up the truth behind his killing. The Cabal acquired a variety of mechanisms to kill their enemies. One such mechanism was to use Special Forces operatives from the US Military who had been trained to obey orders unquestioningly, and once told that someone was an enemy of the state, they would ignorantly and dutifully dispatch this person. Since WWII, the mafia and the CIA had developed a close and mutually supportive relationship, in many cases, mob hit men could be deployed on behalf of their intelligence and political masters. Within the CIA and other intelligence organizations were cold blooded hit men who knew well that they were part of a criminal network embedded within the government. In addition, many alliances existed between international intelligence agencies. Assassination capabilities were often traded between these agencies. In cases of a high profile killing where a patsy was needed, brainwashed killers from the CIA’s MKUltra program could be deployed. Since the early 1950’s, the CIA’s MKUltra program had been using drugs, hypnosis, and a combination of other techniques to produce robot assassins.

Not long after Bobby Kennedy declared his candidacy for president, an assassination team stalked and killed Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. This assassination team was composed of the primary shooter, Thane Eugene Cesar (dressed as a security guard), MKUltra subject Sirhan Sirhan (who discharged his gun wildly), and a network of handlers and other helpers.

In case the lone nut cover of Sirhan Sirhan did not hold, the RFK killing was designed to be blamed on first the Palestinians, and then a combination of the Russians and Aristotle Onassis. Onassis hated Bobby Kennedy and wanted him out of the way so he could marry Jackie Kennedy. Onassis was brought into the plot by intelligence operatives, and he did fund some of the assassination plot. Although Onassis was involved in the plot to kill RFK, the hierarchy behind the assassination was headed by LBJ. Just as with the killing of JFK, the cover up of RFK’s assassination was a larger operation than the killing itself. During the early 1960’s, the CIA engaged in joint training exercises with local police departments across the country. Nominally, the training was intended to improve federal/local cooperation on intelligence matters. In reality, these exercises provided a mechanism for the CIA to control local police investigations across the country.

Manuel Pena, the LAPD officer with control of the RFK assassination, had previously worked doing special ops for the CIA. He had worked closely with David Morales, a CIA hit man who had a significant operational role in the JFK assassination. Beyond developing assassination and cover up capabilities, the five years between the Coup of ’63 and RFK’s killing had allowed the Cabal to consolidate their control of the press. CIA agents were inserted as reporters and editors at all of the major media outlets in the country. The meme that “conspiracy theorists” were kooks was developed within the CIA and deployed with great effectiveness. During the 1960’s, the overwhelming mass of news information reaching the eyes and ears of Americans came from 15 organizations: NBC, ABC, CBS, AP, UPI, Time-Life, McGraw Hill, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, NY Times, Washington Post, Metromedia, Westinghouse, Capital Cities, the North American Newspaper Alliance, and the Saturday Evening Post. The Cabal was successful in co-opting the top management at each of these organizations and enlisting them into active involvement in the cover-up of the Coup of ’63.

During the period 1964-68, internal research teams in several of these organizations reached the conclusion that the Kennedy Assassination had been a result of a conspiracy. In each and every case, management at the highest editorial and corporate level took actions to overrule, suppress, lock up, edit or otherwise alter these internal findings to back up the conclusions of the Warren Commission. Project Mockingbird was a CIA program to control the US press. The exact size of Project Mockingbird remains classified, but bits of information have slipped out over time that allow for budgetary estimates to be computed. In 1978, the CIA propaganda budget was estimated to be $265 million and involved 2,000 personnel making it larger than the combined budgets of Reuters, the Associated Press and United Press International. In 1977, Carl Bernstein reported that the CIA had over 400 reporters and editors at major US media outlets on its payroll. Decedents of this program continue up until the present day.


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